You have poured your heart and soul into opening your own store. You were probably meticulous in your business plan, picking the perfect product and perfect place to set up your store. Now that you have settled in a little bit, you might find yourself wondering how you can distinguish your storefront from the ones around you. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your storefront is alluring to the eye and draws customers in with ease.

Have Someone Outside to Draw People Inside

Sending one of your employees outside, weather permitting, is a great way to set your storefront apart from the ones around it. Pick one of your more bubbly and outgoing workers to draw guests in from the outside. Encourage them to strike up a conversation with passersby and create the perfect interactive storefront! Having someone standing outside the front of your store and working that area by engaging with potential customers is an excellent way to set your store apart and to bring in potential guests in a friendly and genuine manner.

Retractable Awnings

If your storefront is on the more spacious side, you can draw guests in by making use of that area by investing in retractable awnings. They create shade and also offer a nice retreat from bad weather. Retractable awnings can even add a fun ambience to your outdoor area. Your customers will feel like they are welcomed and right at home.

Signature Signage

Another great way to make your storefront stand out from the competitors’ is to make use of signature signage. You have definitely seen cute and witty signs on social media. Shops that have this type of advertising and decor tend to draw in greater customer volumes with ease compared to those stores without signage. Your regular customers will look forward to your new signs each week, and new guests will find themselves attracted to your store and wanting to take a look around because of it.

Making the area outside of a store distinctive and notably different from the stores around it is crucial for any successful business. By taking the time to make your storefront as interesting and appealing as the wares and products you sell inside the store, you will bring in more foot traffic and will likely see an increase in your store’s profits over time.


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