Seven of Idaho's Top Employers are Hiring

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Seven Top Employers in Idaho

If you’re looking for work in Idaho, there are plenty of employers to choose from. The state and federal governments are by far the biggest employers in the Gem State, with tens of thousands working in the state education system or for the U.S. military.

However, there are also several major corporations where thousands of hard-working people make a living. Here are seven of the top companies to work for in the state of Idaho, and the positions they are most often looking to fill.

Micron Technology, Inc.

Micron is a publically traded, multi-national company based out of Boise, which manufactures semiconductors. Founded in 1978, Micron employs more than 30,000 workers worldwide, with over 6,000 of them in Boise. Micron deals in a technology industry that is fast-paced and innovative. According to the Idaho Statesman, Micron did $3.35 billion in revenue last quarter.

Top Jobs: Accounting and Finance; Engineering; Manufacturing/Production

St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center

In operation for over 100 years, St. Luke’s is a general medical and surgical hospital in Boise that has 583 beds and is home to the state’s largest healthcare organization. St. Luke’s is known for having a positive work environment, and it scores high in patient safety. It is also home to the only children’s hospital in Idaho.

Top Jobs: Nursing; Physicians; Information Technology; Clerical/Administrative


This is really two employers in one. The Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) was a pillar in the computer industry for decades until it split into two smaller companies—HP Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Enterprises (HPE)—in late 2015. Both new companies have employed workers—totaling around 4,0000— in the Boise area since the split. HPE supplies businesses with high-end technology, while HP Inc. sells personal computers and printers. Environmentally conscious folks will like that HP is investing about $2 million in energy and water conservation projects in 2016, including green projects at its Boise facilities.

Top Jobs: Technical Support; Software Engineering; Financial Analyst

J.R. Simplot Co.

Simplot was founded in 1929 as an agricultural supplier of potatoes and achieved great success through the commercialization of frozen French fries. Today, it employs 10,000 people at its Boise headquarters and elsewhere, and it is one of the largest privately owned companies in the world. Simplot specializes in innovations surrounding plant nutrition and food processing. In 2015, Simplot agreed to improve pollution controls at three of its plants, according to the Idaho State Journal.

Top Jobs: Research and Development; Operations/Production; Quality Assurance


Melaleuca is a privately owned health and wellness company that manufactures a variety of consumer goods from vitamins and supplements to non-toxic cleaners. Founded in 1985 by Frank VanderSloot, Melaleuca employs over 3,000 workers. Most of them work at the company’s headquarters in Idaho Falls. products are sold through the company’s online store and in 18 countries around the world. One of the largest private employers in eastern Idaho, Melaleuca’s annual sales have topped $1 billion each of the last five years. Melaleuca has jobs in Rexburg and Idaho Falls.

Top Jobs: Sales; Customer Service; Information Technology

Battelle Energy Alliance

Battelle Energy Alliance (BEA) is the largest government contractor operating at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). According to LinkedIn, the “INL is a science-based, applied engineering national laboratory dedicated to supporting the U.S. Department of Energy’s missions in nuclear and energy research, science, and national defense.” The INL is a collection of secure, federal government facilities located in the desert west of Idaho Falls. However, some BEA employees work at facilities in town as well.

Top Jobs: Engineering (chemical, mechanical, software, nuclear, etc.); Research Scientists; Security Officers


Chobani is an American yogurt brand that was founded in 2005. It opened its second domestic manufacturing plant in Twin Falls in 2012. Today, the $450 million Twin Falls plant is the largest yogurt-manufacturing facility in the world, and it employs hundreds of workers. According to a recent press release, the Twin Falls facility will soon undergo a major expansion, which should bring in even more jobs. “Chobani’s presence in Idaho has served as a catalyst for new jobs and continues to have a significant positive economic impact in the region,” the press release says.

Top Jobs: Manufacturing and Production; Quality Assurance; Research and Development

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