Wintertime in Idaho can be challenging. With temperatures hovering around freezing point for roughly four months a year, precipitation approximately one-third of the day, and daylight for as little as 105 hours per month, seasonal depression can set in. It’s easy to lose your enthusiasm and day-to-day joy when you aren’t a big fan of cold, wet, and cloudy weather. Here are some things you can add to your home to help you break the winter blues.


The best part about a sunroom is that you can enjoy the feeling of being outside without having to really endure the elements. By hooking your sunroom into your house’s HVAC system, you can enjoy the benefit of outside light without having to bundle up to tackle frigid temperatures. Your sunroom can quickly become your favorite space in your house year-round, especially if you take the steps to make it something special. By adding hanging chairs, trellises, and some decorative greenery (live or artificial), you can bring the joys of the outdoors right into your home.

Hot Tub

Is there anything better after a long day of work than coming home and soaking in a soothing hot tub? Hydrotherapy has been proven to help with several physical ailments such as arthritis and other rheumatoid complaints as well as providing the relaxation and rest you need for your mental well-being. The ability to unwind and relax can help you overcome the seasonal depression caused by the shorter days and colder temperatures. There is some maintenance required on a hot tub to keep it clean and functional. According to Beachcomber Home Leisure, you need to make sure you clean and maintain your hot tub, or it could damage the pumps.

Home Gym

It’s a known fact that it’s easier to unknowingly gain weight during the wintertime. We’re not as active, and many of us simply eat more because of the holiday festivities. This is one reason why weight loss is a popular New Year’s Resolution every year. A good way to keep yourself active, in better shape, and healthier is to designate an extra room in your house as a workout area. You don’t have to build a full gym, but there are definite mental and emotional benefits to physical activity.

As we all know, winter is a part of Idaho. Every year the sun shines less, the temperatures drop, and the scenery around us turns brown and dies out. But that doesn’t have to lead to the winter blues taking you down.

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