If you are a wedding planner today, you may be in over your head with postponed COVID weddings and the post-quarantine wedding season. You also may find yourself having a bit of a lull in finding new clients due to the strange year that the world has gone through. Regardless of where you are at with your personal client pool, you’re probably wondering how you can increase client engagement and grow your audience for potential clients. Here are a few easy ways to accomplish both of those goals.

    Reward Customer Reviews

    One great way to increase your client engagement is to reward customer reviews that you receive. Potential customers trust online reviews just as much as they would trust a word-of-mouth referral from a close friend. If you have lots of positive online reviews, your client pool will increase as many of your new clients will be inclined to work with you when they see your past clients’ reviews. One way to increase the number of customer reviews that you get is to offer rewards for leaving reviews. For example, you could offer a discount on a certain service or make a gift of a certain product after they leave a review. This is a sure way to encourage current customers to leave positive reviews and to attract future customers with the increased number of reviews on your website or social media.   

    Set Up Direct Communication

    It is important for any business to set up direct communication with their clients, but this is especially important for wedding planners, as your whole job has to do with meeting your customer’s needs for their big day. There are many ways to increase engagement and attract potential customers through direct communication methods. According to Podium, when using marketing platforms, such as SMS, your engagement should increase because your customer is just one text message away. You can use SMS or email notifications to alert your customers of product sales, special offers, or important events.

    Utilize Social Media

    Especially in the wedding world, lots of future clients search for wedding vendors on social media. If you want to engage with your current clients and find future clients, it is very important to keep up with your social media accounts. Try creating a feed through your posts that is attractive to your aesthetic. This could attract the right kind of wedding clients to your business as well as give fun wedding ideas to your followers and current clients. A great way to increase your customers’ engagement with your social media posts is to create interactive opportunities like poll stories, posts that ask questions, and collections of wedding vendors.

    Regardless of where your current client pool is at, remember that increasing your client engagement is just a few easy steps away. Remember to follow each of the suggestions that this article contains and you’ll be on a quick track to success. Your current and future clients’ engagement with your services are guaranteed to increase!