When developing a team of professionals, you need to be mindful of different personality types. A successful team is only as strong as each individual person. Here are three personality types you need on every team to help everyone thrive and to create a group dynamic that works.

    The Leader

    One of the most important individuals you will have on your team is the one who is considered a leader. A leader is the one that everyone else will look toward for support, for guidance, and for everyday advice. The leader should be a strong personality who has management qualities and knows how to handle pressure and stress without cracking. Leaders need to be level-headed at all times. To find a leader-type, look for someone who has had management experience or is open to training. Leadership training often centers on managing and handling people to best meet objectives.

    Resource: https://cmoe.com/management-training-program/

    The Communicator

    Another really important role on your team is that of a communicator. It has always been said that communication is key, and that is especially true in business. You want someone who can articulately explain his or her thoughts to his or her teammates, upper management, and clients. The communicator is someone who is not afraid of conflict, public speaking, or making his or her voice heard. He or she is the one who will speak out against injustices, take command of meetings, and make everyone feel at ease. It is not just about verbal communication, though. A great communicator will help soothe everyone’s anxiety with his or her presence, have great eye contact with potential clients, and know how to move around a room. Doing all of this helps to move the whole team forward.

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    The Worker Bee

    The final person you want on your team is someone who is dedicated to his or her work. The “worker bee” is someone who is passionate about his or her job and will not go home at the end of his or her shift until he or she knows that he or she has done all that he or she can do. A dedicated worker is passionate and excited and always doing what he or she can to better the whole team. This hardworking personality type will be someone who does not just excel on his or her own; he or she will also inspire others to try their hardest. This person is important to have on the team because he or she will stick around to work things out when a problem arises.

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    Creating the right balance of individuals on your team is important. This is especially true if they work in close proximity to one another. You want to create a dynamic team that has different strengths and weaknesses. That way, they can all work together to lift each other up and balance each other out.