When it comes to gaining clients, there are few things as important as creating a positive impression, which leaves prospective clients feeling like they are dealing with a professional. This is more than just the words you say: Studies show that up to 55 percent of first impressions in the business world are based on visual cues. Here are three tips on how to create the positive impression that you are going for.

Use Business Cards

For all the emphasis on digital communication, business cards still matter. After all, business cards are still regarded as the standard when it comes to exchanging contact information and maintaining an aura of professionalism. All business cards should have the basics, including name and contact information. However, they must be professionally designed and printed, not just slapped together in Microsoft Word and printed on some cardstock you bought. Remember, the purpose of a business card is to leave a positive impression. Make sure your business card does so!

Have a Place to Meet

Picture this: You’re meeting with a prospective contractor to discuss a five-figure business deal. They invite you to meet in the basement of their home. How impressed would you be in this scenario? Would you be likely to do business with them? Having a professional location to meet is a way to avoid one of the common mistakes of new businesses. This should not be confused for a room in your house. Instead, it must be a professional location in a well-maintained office. Thankfully, there is no shortage of conference rooms available for rental these days. Find this type of office location before holding any professional meeting.

Have a Professional Website and Email

Leaving a positive impression with prospective clients means that you position yourself as an expert in the field who has the resources to complete any job. That means that you should pay for a professional website and use an email address that uses that website’s domain, not just rely on a free Gmail account. Professional websites are requirements in today’s economy. Don’t skimp on them.

Leaving a positive first impression isn’t easy: It can be time-consuming and expensive. But, simply put, it’s something that must be done if you are going to be successful. Stick to these three tips, and you will be well on your way towards distinguishing yourself in the business world.


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