So, you have decided to be an entrepreneur and you want to start a business that is sure to succeed? Having the drive and ability is only a part of the equation. To start on the path to financial freedom, you need a business idea that is feasible, capable of standing out, but also capable of bringing in a ton of money.

Here are the top four ways to start the entrepreneur lifestyle.


MLM Sales

MLM, or Multi-Level Marketing, MLM’s are a great business opportunity that recruits others to help sell a product, gaining a commission for both the company and those in the network.


In this instance, you want to think of Avon or doTERRA. There are a couple of things to watch out for when looking for a great MLM company. First make sure that it is focused on selling, not necessarily recruiting. When the company is focused on recruiting, it can be a red flag that it’s just looking for people to pay for the “opportunity to make money”. Next, make sure that you aren’t the subject of the high-pressure sale.

To do it successfully, make sure you choose the right company, listen to the tactics and strategies of those who have done it successfully, and implement it into your own marketing strategy.


Drop Shipping


With the advent of companies like Amazon and Shopify, drop shipping has become a legitimate business opportunity for entrepreneurs. It’s a retail method where you don’t need a physical store to keep the products in stock. Instead, when your online store has a customer who has made a purchase, it will purchase the item from a third party and send it directly to the customer. Only sell what the customer has purchased and have the wholesaler or manufacturer do the rest.


Create an Online Course


If you have a particular skill that others desperately need, like marketing or how to speak in public, creating an online course can be the perfect first business idea. There are some online courses that even make over $1 million per year. You can create and sell them through websites like Teachable and Udemy, or you can create your own that you sell through your own website.



If you don’t like the idea of creating an online course and you want to work with individuals, become a consultant. Again, you will need to have a mastered skill that others need. Help others solve problems, gain new skills or new knowledge like how to code or do business analysis. You can work as an independent contractor and get paid by the hour, by the project or on commission.



Becoming an entrepreneur and gaining financial freedom is all about choices. There are hundreds of business models that have been successful. The above are just a few of the top picks. Whether you choose MLM Sales, Drop Shipping, or Online Courses, you will be sure to succeed if you are dedicated and hard working.

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