“Mommy guilt” is a very real concept for countless mothers who feel guilty for having to work instead of spending the day taking care of their children. This feeling is especially prevalent during the first years of being a mother.

    If you can’t imagine leaving your kids to go to work all day, know that you can work in an environment with your children. Consider these four start-up ideas that won’t take you away from your kids.

    Daycare Franchises

    Many parents cringe at the thought of leaving their children at a large daycare because they don’t want each child to be looked at as just another number. Instead, it’s a good idea to consider starting a private daycare franchise.

    You wouldn’t be the only one to start up a daycare franchise, either. Franchise Gator explains that “by 2019, day care franchises are forecasted to grow at a rate of 2.6% annually to $54.5 billion.” You won’t have to leave your children, and you’ll have the added benefit of applying the proper amounts of care, detail and concern for the children of others.

    Freelance Writing

    You can easily start a freelance-writing business with a Wi-Fi connection and a great grammar app. Most writers are self-employed. According to ClearVoice, “in America, there are around 137,000 writers, and two-thirds are self-employed individuals.”

    You can start your own freelance writing career by creating a few profiles for various freelancing websites and writing for their posted assignments. You can also reach out to different companies to find out if they’re looking for copywriters or editors.

    Spend part of the day pitching and introducing yourself to new clients, and spend another portion of the day getting the work done. As the business grows, you can hire other people to work for you on a virtual basis. Davinci explains that virtual assistants can answer and forward calls, take messages, schedule appointments, and more. You can go a long way toward growing your business and scaling operations without hiring. 

    Etsy eCommerce

    Etsy is an amazing wonderland filled with creative entrepreneurs who make crafts and sell them to anyone who wants them. Set aside a space for you to get creative and get your work done. Develop a process that allows you to create, promote and ship your products in a timely fashion. Develop a social media presence so that lots of people can see your beautiful products. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself and get your products in front of new audiences and customers.

    Social Media Management

    Social media management is an entire industry that so many organizations desperately need. If you’d like to be really effective in managing other brands, start by volunteering to build your portfolio. If you’re not in love with the idea of volunteering first, create a few pretend social-media profiles and develop content to present a portfolio to future clients.

    There are so many moving parts to all of these startup ideas. However, if you put one foot in front of the other to get started, you can achieve your dream of working from home and staying with your children. Just remember to master the discipline and time-balancing factors that come with working from home, and you’ll be fine.