Every business needs security. Whether you are protecting your inventory or client data, having the right devices and processes can help your company avoid disaster. Inadequate or inappropriate security solutions can result in data breaches or theft of valuable assets. Whatever the scale of your business or the type of tangible or intangible assets you need to protect, considering the following 5 elements of physical security a must-have.

    Deadbolt Locks

    Surprisingly, one of the best security solutions for a business is also one of the cheapest. The simple deadbolt will keep out most would-be intruders, and any DIY-minded business owner can easily install one.. If you want to keep your business safe, make sure to consistently use the security systems that you already have.


    Keypad locks are a great security system because they remove a lot of the uncertain of issuing keys to employees. Keypad codes can be assigned to new employees as they join the company and those codes can be disabled as people leave. You never have to change out a keypad due to security issues – you can just change the codes.

    Alarm Systems

    Alarm systems are the cream of the crop when it comes to most realistic security solutions. A good alarm will not only alert the police to a potential theft, but the mere knowledge that it is there will help to ward off most potential burglars. It’s important that you make sure the system is always in working order, though alarm system sensor battery replacement is something that needs to be done a regular basis.

    Security Gate

    A solid security gate is the first line of defense for large and even many small businesses. These large, metal rolling gates will keep out most casual intruders. While they won’t stand up to repeated abuse, they’re strong enough to keep your average criminal out. Perhaps best of all, these gates work in concert with your other forms of security to slow down anyone who would break in. If large amounts of your inventory are going to be warehoused, make sure they are stored in a facility with a sufficiently secured gate.

    Security Cameras 

    If you’re worried about theft in your place of work, security cameras that are attached to closed circuit televisions or recording devices are a necessity. While these devices will only help you catch people in the act if they are monitored, they can provide valuable evidence even if they are only looked at after the fact. Security cameras are very beneficial to businesses of all sizes.

    Good security is a matter of knowing what devices to use and how to use them. With a little hard work and research, you can find the solutions that work for you. Remember, the best way to stay safe is to plan ahead.