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    Whether it is hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, boating, or all of the above, outdoor enthusiasts love a new adventure. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to find the right place to embark on these new expeditions. Here you can find the five best cities west of the great divide to satisfy your longing for the outdoors.

    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Outdoor lovers will be impressed by the many different hiking trails that range in difficulty. If you love going out on the water, Salt Lake City has you covered there too, boasting plenty of notable rivers and lakes. Additionally, there are several state parks near Salt Lake City. All of these aspects combine to make this city a prime destination for admirers of the outdoors.

    San Francisco, California

    Due to its variety of outdoor experiences San Francisco is one of the prime destinations for outdoor enthusiasts. The calling card of this City is its magnificent beaches, which provide a calm, yet adventurous environment. Beaches are not the only thing going for San Francisco; it also boasts numerous state parks and mountain hikes.

    Seattle, Washington

    One of the choice destinations for its outdoor appeal is Seattle. There are a wide array of outdoor activities, most notably water activities such as kayaking, boating, and more. Another allure to Seattle is the excellent hiking trails, with different levels of vigor. There are also a vast array of state parks to visit and explore.

    Portland, Oregon

    Portland provides residents with many interesting outdoors activities that stimulate even the most avid outdoors lovers. One of the leading outdoor attractions that this city offers is its rafting, kayaking and other water activities. There are also great skiing trails in the mountains throughout Portland. Another outdoor draw to Portland is its excellent hiking trails.

    Denver, Colorado

    One of the premier destinations for exploring the outdoors, Denver has a vast array of outdoor appeal. Possibly the greatest attraction Denver has to offer is the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains, which allow those who relish the outdoors to hike, ski, and admire this landmark. In addition to the Rocky Mountains, Denver offers its occupants with countless hiking trails. For water admirers, there are exciting activities such as kayaking, boating, and canoeing.

    The outdoors are a wonderful place that allows us to capture the beauty of nature and admire its treasures. These five destinations are some of the most alluring places for your love of the outdoors.