Finding the best candidates for a job opening is a difficult process for recruiters. Of course, the recruiter is going to check references, take a close look at the job applicant’s resume, and scan for details about their experience, education, and background, but a potential candidate for a job opening might look good on paper and fail on the job. Hiring the wrong employee is a time waster and a financial loss to the company. However, there are a few ways to avoid hiring the wrong applicant. Here are 5 hiring tips for keeping out the turkeys.

    Job Descriptions

    The key to hiring the right employee, begins with writing an accurate job description that details the skills, education, experience, and other tools necessary to successfully qualify for the job. Those applicants that still insist on applying, even-though they are an ill fit for the position, are not worth even considering.


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    Certainly, it is important that the job candidate match the criteria for the job opening and is also a good fit with the business. Often, the recruiter in the small business ignores that gut instinct, telling them that the candidate is wrong for the job opening. Instincts are based on chemistry too. If the candidate lacks chemistry with the small business owner, supervisors, or other employees, difficulties are ahead. Often, a recruiter is able to judge within the first several seconds, if the candidate is right. This is called gut instincts or chemistry.

    Check References

    Most recruiters are aware that they should check references to make sure that the applicant is truthful about their background. However, references will give the recruiter insight into the applicant’s personality and intellect, according to JD Palentine. For example, if an applicant adds a bad reference or an individual that reports negative things about them, they are definitely too stupid to hire.

    Ad Placement

    It is also important to place the advertisement for the position in the right place. For example, target the industry publications or a site that recruits high quality applicants that are screened by the site before joining,

    The Interview

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    Don’t waste your precious time with too many face-to-face interviews. Learn to weed out the wrong applicants with a quick telephone before calling them in for the face-to-face. Make a list of several questions to identify the right candidate, and invite those that pass the series of question into the office for face to face interviews.

    What sets the successful candidate apart from the rest of the crowd? Certainly, the final analysis is up to the recruiting department. However, the tips in this piece are a good starting point.