If your loved one has been cremated, then you have the right to scatter their ashes in many different places in Idaho. You can scatter the ashes on your own property or on someone else’s property as long as you get permission. You can also choose to scatter ashes on most public land, but you should check for any local ordinances before proceeding. If you are looking for a romantic place to scatter ashes in Idaho, then make sure to consider the national parks, national forests and Bureau of Land Management properties.

Yellowstone National Park


You can scatter ashes from an urn at Yellowstone National Park. The park service asks that you call the visitors service office to let them know that you will be scattering ashes. The scattering must take place in a secluded area of the park away. You are not allowed, however, to erect any type of marker. Ashes can also be scattered from the air as long as the plane maintains the right altitude. Ashes cannot be scattered near thermal areas.

Hagerman Fossil Beds

The beautiful Hagerman Fossil Beds can be the final resting place of your loved one. In order to scatter ashes here, you need to get a permit from the national park superintendent. Scattering is restricted to certain areas within this park away from the most investigated fossil beds.

Craters of the Moon National Park and Monument

Craters of the Moon

Long known for the beautiful wildflowers growing out of the volcanic ashes, many people find Crater of the Moon National Park to be a great place to scatter ashes. It would be appropriate in this area to use a misting device such as AngelAir to add to the ambiance and the sanctity of the event. The ashes must be scattered at least 70 paces off the Crater of the Moon Monument Trail. Ashes may not be scattered in the caves open for public tours.

Sawtooth National Forest


There are many places at Sawtooth National Forest where remains can be scattered. It is best to plan an early morning ceremony, and it needs to be done away from areas of high public use. The scattering must take place at least 67 yards from any building, 100 feet from public use areas and 150 feet from any source of water. The park’s superintendent must write a letter of permission for the scattering to take place. Despite these regulations, there are many very romantic places in Sawtooth National Forest where remains can be scattered.

Agency Creek Campground

Loved ones who enjoyed beautiful mountain scenery along the Salmon River may enjoy having their ashes scattered on paths near the Agency Creek Campground. This campground is operated by the Bureau of Land Management who allows people to scatter the remains of their loved ones on any of their lands.
There are many romantic places to scatter your loved ones ashes in Idaho. Once you have chosen the most romantic location, then make sure to contact the agency overseeing the property because usually a permit is required. Generally, ceremonies need to be kept quiet. The ashes should be scattered away from public use areas in most cases. Choosing to scatter your loved one’s ashes in a romantic spot is a wonderful way to memorialize them.

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