Once you decide you’d like to work for yourself, building a business in a rural area has some challenges. However, it also has some benefits. As a general rule, your cost of living is lower and your over head costs for storage and your workspace can be greatly reduced. Here are five ideas to build your business, pay yourself first, and get ahead.




    For those currently home caring for their own small children, opening a daycare is an excellent idea. Check out the requirements for home-based businesses and review the safety features you need to put in place to start a daycare. It’s also a good idea to review the requirements needed to provide preschool care; you may already meet the requirements or be able to partner or hire someone with the required education.




    Elderly citizens in rural areas can often grow quite isolated and need a bit of help, assistance with errands such as doctor visits or grocery shopping, or just companionship. There will be certifications to achieve and keep on file, as well as educational benchmarks to meet. However, with a phone, a reliable vehicle and the willingness to go out, help out and meet new people, you can work for yourself and enable an elderly community member to age in place.



    For those with strong backs and willing hearts, a landscaping business is an ideal choice. You can start small, just mowing and trimming, while you build your tool inventory. Learning garden design and structural engineering can make you a source for projects including ponds, elevated gardens, and rock features. Plus, you get to enjoy fresh air and get paid for it!


    Direct Marketing


    For students or those looking to take on a part-time job that can be grown into a full-time business, direct marketing businesses are really taking off. From clothing to cosmetics, from nutritional supplements, to essential oils, to financial services, a direct marketing business can eventually lead to passive income for your lifetime.


    Home Repair

    This is an industry that requires some skill, but once you know how to fix and update old houses, your services will be in demand not only in your region but in nearby cities. Skilled carpenters and experts in plaster repair are in especially high demand in many regions.


    Working for yourself can be a challenge, but the rewards are remarkable. You can set your own schedule, work the hours that function best for your body clock, and build your future while helping your neighbors.