Living self-sufficiently is a dream for many who live in the city or don’t have access to land, but the dream of self-sufficiency can become a reality no matter where you live. Starting your own garden or growing in a community garden brings you one step closer to realizing your vision. You can also store your own power and learn some new skills that will help you become more self-sufficient. Here are three incredible ways to help start you on your journey to living a self-sufficient life.

    Cultivate a Garden

    The cultivation of a garden frees you to experience the vitality and freshness of food without having to wonder where it came from and gives you the opportunity to learn how to grow herbs and vegetables in smaller spaces. Gardens can be grown in a variety of different locations. If you have a rooftop or balcony, you can grow a wonderful garden outdoors, however, you can also grow a garden indoors using containers. Growing your own garden is a fantastic way to start becoming truly self-sufficient.

    Store Your Own Power

    Storing your own power allows you to get a bit further off the grid, as you no longer must solely depend on energy or gas companies to provide you with power, saving you money as well. You can generate power in several different ways. Using solar energy and generators are great ways to store your own power but first, you must figure out which power storing source works best for you. There are pros and cons of solar energy use that you’ll want to research before moving forward with a home upgrade project of this magnitude. Generators also require a little research prior to installation but are great for increasing your level of self-sufficiency.

    Learn Some New Skills

    Learning a few new skills the self-sufficient lifer needs, provides you with confidence and know-how that helps you navigate independent terrain more efficiently. Cooking and baking your own food from scratch is one of the most important skills to acquire along with becoming your own handyman. Being able to fix and repair things is vital for self-sufficient life which allows you to enjoy more freedom, knowing that you’re well-prepared to handle unexpected situations.

    Becoming self-sufficient where you live offers you the freedom to live your dream of independence now. Learning how to cultivate your own garden, store your own power, and acquire amazing new skills to increase your self-sufficiency supplies you with the expertise necessary to live a wonderfully independent life.