A business degree, considered to be one of the broadest degrees you can graduate with, is a popular choice for this very reason. With so many entry-level possibilities, students can find a myriad of jobs that allow them to grow over time. If you have a business degree and want to know where you can get your foot in the door, here are five options to consider.

    Best Entry-Level Jobs to Get with a Business Degree

    Business Consultant

    A business consultant will be responsible for maximizing profits and helping a business to become more efficient by analyzing data and information. Even though it’s an entry-level job, a qualified consultant should have superior analytical skills. To become a consultant, most businesses will ask for a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field.

    Human Resources Assistant

    Working in the human resources department is one of the many jobs you can apply for with a business degree. As an assistant, you will create job descriptions, handle payroll operations, oversee benefits, and help with any issues pertaining to the employees. To work in this field, you should be able to think critically, enjoy working with people and making quick decisions. If successful, these positions can move toward upper management within the department.

    Management Trainee

    Many corporations offer management training programs for fresh graduates. This type of program is geared toward those who may want to gain the experience to successfully run a business or learn the aspects of the business world. The average manager in training can make $40,000 to $55,000 to start.

    Marketing Coordinator

    A marketing coordinator will be responsible for determining the product’s demographic and figuring out ways to create demand for the service or product being marketed. Like a business consultant, this position will require a great amount of research, the ability to identify trends and understand people’s motivations. Whether it’s working for a law firm, tech firm or a local restaurant, every business will always need a marketing plan.


    Purchasers are responsible for negotiating with suppliers to obtain the most cost-effective contracts to help save a company as much money as possible. They will also make sure all contracts are fulfilled according to the terms. With this position, you might need some legal skills as well. First time law firm jobs can give you an edge when it comes to experience with negotiating. While competition can be tight with this position, some in-demand areas may be in desperate need, offering the job to those who recently graduated.

    These are just a few of the many job new business graduates can apply for. Even though finding an entry level job is tough, one can be found with the right skills and dedication to the job search.