If your auto service technicians aren’t swamped with work, then it may be time to consider what you can do to encourage more people to use your dealerships’ services. Here are a few ideas for boosting auto repair sales throughout the year.

Offer Seasonal Services

You may want to start by offering seasonal services. You can offer exclusive deals on winter tires or getting a vehicle’s heater fixed. Remind people that things are more likely to break during extreme weather, so a change in seasons is a smart time to bring their cars in for a tuneup. The start of the warm summer months is a good time to remind people to get their air conditioners fixed. In that same spirit, offering windshield-wiper replacement during your area’s rainy season can bring in additional sales.

Give Them Reminders

Give your customers reminders of when service is due for their vehicles. Putting a sticker on your customers’ windshield to remind them of their next appointment is a great way to bring them back. You may also want to collect their email addresses or phone numbers and send them text or email reminders. Have your service team meet with people who purchase new or used cars and recommend that they set up their first service appointment before they leave your lot. Converting them into being a customer when they have just made a purchase is a terrific way to make sure that they don’t consider taking their car somewhere else to be serviced. Also, set up your website so that customers can schedule service from the web, which many people find more convenient to do than making an appointment over the phone.

Use a Blog

If you are not regularly blogging about your auto service department, then you are missing opportunities to connect with customers. This is also a great way to bring in new customers who have purchased their vehicles elsewhere. Do not worry about how much DIY information you give customers because most will not fix their own cars. They will opt to bring it to your dealership to get fixed when you have used your blog to prove that you are a trusted expert in car repair. You can also use your dealership’s blog to point out the need for seasonal services.

Going through slow periods of work can be frustrating for anyone, but there are things like these that you can do to get through them. Combining these techniques with excellent customer service will have your dealership’s auto service department busy all the time.

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