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As a recent trend has been sweeping the area, Steve and Jennifer Jones decided to get Idaho Falls on board by opening Exodus Escape Rooms. This new adventure business is housed at 387 Park Avenue.

An escape room is an interactive physical game where players are locked inside of a room, seeking clues and solving puzzles from elements within the room to escape before their time runs out. These types of adventures are seen as a great alternative to mundane activities like movies for group activities and date nights.

Exodus Escape Room opened its first room on November 1st, and it is known as ‘The Family Jewels.’ This room entails an adventure involving an elderly woman who has died and left a fortune in jewels behind that participants need to find before ‘police’ arrive to arrest them. A second room, which will be called ‘ Contagion’, is expected to open soon.

These adventures can accommodate two to eight players each. The owners, Steve and Jennifer Jones, are local to the area and became interested after participating in escape rooms in Utah and California. The cost is $15 per player and children are welcome with participating parents. More information can be found at

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