A great business will fail if it doesn’t have exposure. One of the highest costs that business owners face is their investment in exposure through advertising. However, you do not have to buy a large billboard or buy commercial time to become effective at getting your home service business in the public eye.

    Build a Social Media Following

    One of the best ways to get exposure is through building your social media following. Once you start your business, you should create an Instagram and Facebook account. You can use this to advertise special deals and offers your service business is making. You should strive to make it professional and newcomer friendly.

    Through social media, you can figure out what customers are interested in through monitoring your online statistics. Think creatively and post advertisements. Then, use key indicators to track success. Reach, online sales, engagements, and clicks are all important metrics to consider. Make goals before you start any online promotion.

    Wrap Your Company Vehicles

    If you are into passive advertising that comes from a billboard, but you can’t afford the expense for one, you should look into wrapping your company vehicles. A car wrap can usually last around three years before you have to have it done again. It is also much cheaper than other forms of advertisement, and you are advertising anywhere you go.

    When your customer’s neighbors see you working on their home, they will be more likely to think your business is worth hiring. They can also ask their neighbors about the experience directly. It’s one of the best “passive” forms of advertisement.

    Focus on Feedback

    Customers appreciate feeling heard. This is one of the main reasons you should be reaching out to everyone when you are trying to get exposure for your business. Gaining positive reviews is an effective way to show others you are trustworthy. Receiving negative reviews might hurt initially, but if you respond in an empathetic way (trying to change) you can rebound.

    Ask your customers through social media what their experience was like. Seek to improve your company beyond what you are doing right now. Constructive criticism shouldn’t be a burden but should be your catalyst for improvement.

    Exposure is not necessarily paying for advertisements, but it is a healthy pattern of thinking for every business owner. You should make use of any new platform for advertising. Build your audience through effective work and promotion. Talk with your audience to create the best company you can.

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