As a marketing expert, you are probably wondering how you can better expand your position in the industry. Seeking after goals that will better your skills and increase your clientele are healthy and forward-thinking. But building your reputation will take a lot more patience than you might be wanting. You can find steady growth through implementing these tactics.

    Show Your Best Work

    If you want clients to work with you, you must show them why you are worth hiring in the first place. Creating the best marketing portfolio you possibly can is a great place to start. Take samples of your work from various projects you have worked on. Then, compile them into one easy-to-read file or website.

    Not sure which work is your best? Ask a panel of trusted friends or coworkers to look at a few pieces of work and give their opinions. This can help you decide what to show off. Without a portfolio, people are unable to gauge how effective you will be at your job.

    Abide by Professional Ethics

    People like working with those who have personal standards they do not disobey. Abiding by a company or personal ethics code that others can see will reassure them that you are worth working with. If you haven’t created one yet, start drafting one immediately.

    Ethics violations can endanger your professional certification. If you do something that is illegal (or at the very least unethical) you might lose your professional status. With social media, news of your unethical behavior can spread like wildfire. For this reason, you must strive for the highest standard of behavior when you are working.

    Get Effective Feedback

    The only way you can expand your abilities is by receiving feedback from others. People build up personal blind spots that cloud their judgment and prevent them from changing in a meaningful way. But accepting—even seeking—worthwhile feedback can help you shape your career into what you want it to be.

    When you are done working with a specific client, ask them to leave a review online or privately that can help you measure your success. Being humble is a refreshing attribute that causes people to gravitate toward you.

    Becoming a better marketing expert does come from multiple sources. It comes from your drive to learn from your mistakes, and it comes from those you work with. These attitudes will help you climb the marketing industry’s ladder.