For restaurant owners, winter brings with it its own set of challenges. The changing seasons can bring a change in business, the holidays either increasing business or causing a dip. One common challenge is figuring out how to keep your restaurant safe.

    Provide Options for Customers

    The pandemic has had a huge impact on the restaurant industry. Many restaurants have found themselves needing to adapt their service options in order to continue to serve customers and stay open. Winter often comes in tandem with a portion of the flu season. With the country continuing to be ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to flu season, it will be important to continue providing takeout and delivery options for customers. This will help protect your business by allowing customers to continue to order from you and help prevent the spread of illness.

    Keep it Clean

    Cleanliness is an essential part of keeping your restaurant safe and functioning. Infrequent cleaning can result in numerous health risks at your business, even outside of a global pandemic. Depending on the state your restaurant is in during an inspection, you could be penalized for not keeping it clean enough. Make sure your employees practice cleaning as they go. Dishes should be taken to the dishwashing station and washed in a timely manner. Work stations should be kept clean and orderly. These, and other measures, will help you keep both your customers and employees safe from illness and injury.

    Keep it Dry

    In addition to keeping your restaurant clean, it’s also imperative that you do your best to keep it dry as well. Wet floors are slippery floors. With slips and falls being the number one source of injuries in restaurants, it’s important to take preventative measures. Clean up spills immediately and place precautionary signs around the area. Keep an eye on entry ways. If customers are tracking water in, you’ll want to address that too. Pay attention to the outside of your restaurant as well. You probably have snow removal services, but if you see snow piling up outside, for everyone’s safety it’s best to take a shovel to it.

    This year has brought plenty of challenges, with more sure to come. Keeping your restaurant safe this winter is one of them. Continue to provide different service options to customers, and be sure to keep your restaurant clean and dry. This will help you keep your restaurant safe for your customers and employees this winter.

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