Relationships require diligent effort. Sometimes people will say that a relationship needs to be 50-50 effort-wise. In actuality, the most successful relationships are the ones where both parties give 100%, instead of leaving one foot out of the door.

    Openly and Honestly Communicate

    As much as you might wish for your partner to be able to read your mind, that is simply not possible. Even if that were a reality, you would tire of that quickly. Instead, according to Thriveworks, the better path is one of open and honest communication. This is important because it can ensure that you and your romantic partner are on the same page. Clarity is needed in conversations about your future and when it comes to matters of consent. Most conflicts can be resolved when the couple explains each of their views respectfully and honestly.  Any issues left unresolved will boil up over time and could end your relationship, regardless of the initial magnitude of the disagreement.

    Avoid Toxic Influences

    In an adult relationship, no one besides you and your partner should make decisions for you. Particularly, you want to stay away from any negative influences that can disrupt your relationship. These can come in the form of people, actions, or anything else that should be unwelcome. According to Fight the New Drug, pornography, in particular, can warp views and have a harmful effect on your relationship. If you or your partner struggle with an addiction of any kind, like pornography, the mind is altered and can require professional help to get back on track. The same goes for toxic influence from people outside the relationship. They can poison your mind with lies and work towards separating you from your partner.

    Prioritize Time

    Everyone has the same amount of time in their day. It is up to you to decide how much time you are willing to put into your relationship and what you can remove to show your partner that they are valued. However, time management does not mean that you dedicate all your time to your significant other. According to Brainbridge, you need to manage your time in such a way that your top priorities get equal importance.

    Even the best relationships require work. The difference between short-term and long-term relationships is the track you head down as your try to grow a healthy relationship. Once you have narrowed your issues down and worked to solve them, your relationship will be stronger than ever.
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