As a small business owner, you may underestimate your potential impact on society. If you believe that you cannot make a difference in your community, you are wrong. You have a lot of power to influence your customers and your employees for good during current health crises. Here are several ways you can more responsibly manage your small business amid a health crisis.

    Adapt to the Situation

    Adaptability is one of the most important qualities a business owner can possess. Life is always changing—and it is constantly requiring adaptation. A public health crisis is a perfect situation to practice your adaptability. Rather than giving up, find new ways to tackle your problems, to reach out to customers, and to make your business processes more efficient. Take measures to be a good manager and keep employees on board by thinking outside of the box.

    Promote Public Health

    As you continue running your business, build confidence in your clients, partners, and customers by promoting public health at your business. This includes appropriate distancing measures, sanitization, and other health protocols, like wearing facial coverings. Visual cues can help customers and employees remember to socially distance themselves. For example, use stickers or signs to help keep people six feet from each other, or encourage customers to use certain doors to mitigate entry/exit traffic. Keep a small table near the door with hand sanitizer and sanitary wipes.

    Educate Employees on Masks and Vaccines

    Employers have the important responsibility to be a good example for their employees. If there are certain attributes you hope your employees will develop, then you must portray those attributes first. During a health crisis, it is even more important to set a good example of public health protocols and practices. While many people are eager to wash their hands, others struggle to understand why vaccines and masks are valuable in protecting health. Do what you can to convince your employees of the importance of masks and vaccines. If you can, provide your employees with free or discounted vaccinations and masks. That way, you can encourage your workforce to be educated, responsible members of society.

    As society tackles the most recent health crises, do your part as a business owner to manage your business in a way that promotes public health and wellbeing. Doing so may require some adaptation and exemplification, but it will be well worth it in the end. Don’t forget that it is your job to help both your customers and your employees stay healthy and safe.

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