As an unfortunate result of the COVID-19 pandemic, local businesses in your area are suffering. It’s a weird time to be living in America. The uncertainty has made people hesitant to go anywhere, especially to shop. No matter where you are, you have probably seen how business has been affected economically. Small, local businesses have especially been affected. But thankfully, there are a few things you can do to support the local economy. 

Buy Local Instead of Online

Most of America already knows that Amazon is the biggest business profiting from this pandemic and that local businesses cannot keep up without your assistance. The best way to help your local businesses is to find ways to participate in their services, locally. Local purchases stay local and protect local business owners. If you can afford it, purchasing gift cards for services is a great way to get some money flowing into the businesses nearby. Tip your servers extra for their risk, and order out from local restaurants. As things are opening back up now, start spending those gift cards and sharing your favorite spots with others.

Order from Restaurants

Local restaurants are suffering, and most do not have a large buffer of funds to keep them open. However, to keep the local economy healthy, try to frequent the small, local restaurants that are open. If you’re out and about, choose the small, local restaurants instead of the big chain ones for your meal. Make sure you follow social distancing signs to keep others and yourself safe. Please tip extra well for your servers who are working in a stressful situation.

Visit Niche Businesses

Niche businesses such as independent booksellers and small markets are suffering right now, but also offering great options. Many indie booksellers are offering free shipping, and you can buy from them online! Small neighborhood markets often have what large sellers are out of, even toilet paper. More importantly, when you’re in the neighborhood, you support the neighborhood. Wanting your area to thrive will be a great thing in the long term.

Everyone wants a healthy and happy future. It can be hard to know how to do that during a pandemic while still supporting your local economy. Frequenting local businesses and making sure they stay open is something you can do to easily support the economy. By doing this, you can help them to be on healthier footing when the pandemic is over.

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