Idaho Governor Brad Little strongly supports the Idaho Launch program, a statewide initiative to help Idahoans find and pay for training in high-demand jobs. In a recent interview with IdahoEdNews, Governor Little said the Idaho Launch program is “a critical investment in Idaho’s future.”

    “Idaho Launch will help us develop the workforce we need to compete in the global economy,” Governor Little said. “By providing scholarships and other financial assistance to Idaho students, we can make sure that everyone has the opportunity to get the training they need to succeed in a high-paying job.”

    The Idaho Launch program especially benefits Idaho students seeking career training scholarship money. The program offers a variety of funding options, including scholarships, grants, and loans. This allows Idaho students to get the training they need without going into debt.

    In addition to financial assistance, the Idaho Launch program also provides Idaho students with access to a variety of other resources, including:

    • A skills assessment tool to help job seekers identify their strengths and weaknesses
    • A database of training programs approved by the Idaho Department of Labor
    • Career counseling and other support services

    The Idaho Launch program is a valuable resource for Idaho students looking to find and pay for training in high-demand jobs. The program offers a variety of resources to help students succeed, including financial assistance, career counseling, and support services.

    What is Idaho Launch for High School Students?

    Idaho Launch is an aggressive and visionary effort to assist young adults in transitioning smoothly from high school to high-demand careers. Beginning in 2024, the program will grant high school graduates up to $8,000. This substantial funding can be channeled towards attending community college or acquiring essential workforce training.

    In his commitment to the state’s youth, Governor Brad Little remarked during his State of the State address, “Steering young adults into high-demand careers is not just an investment in their futures but the future of Idaho as well.”

    How Does it Benefit Students?

    The beauty of Idaho Launch lies in its flexibility and inclusivity. It’s molded to cater to the diverse aspirations of Idaho’s youth:

    Monetary Support: By offering up to $8,000, the program directly reduces the financial burdens that traditionally come with post-high school education and training.

    Guidance and Streamlining: The Launch online portal is designed to be user-friendly. Similar to Governor Little’s Empowering Parents initiative, the portal enables graduates to channel state funds as they see fit, offering them autonomy in their decisions.

    Varied Opportunities: Not every student is looking at a four-year college degree. For those eyeing a quicker transition into the workforce, Idaho Launch can support short-term training programs.

    How Can Students Dive In?

    Online Portal: Idaho Launch’s online hub is the gateway. Once live, students can set up their accounts, get familiar with the program, and make decisive choices about where they wish to direct their funds.

    School Counselors: By August 2024, high school counselors will be equipped with welcome kits, ensuring they’re well-informed to guide students through the application process from the get-go of their senior year.

    Application Timeline: For the inaugural cohort, the application process is expected to open by October 15, with the state aiming to award its maiden Launch grants by the year’s end.

    About Idaho Launch

    Idaho Launch, conceptualized by Governor Brad Little, was given the green light barely a week after its bill was signed into law. An annual budget of up to $80 million is a testament to Idaho’s commitment to its youth and future. As the state’s Workforce Development Council gears up for the summer 2024 launch, the clock is ticking, but the wheels are firmly in motion.

    The program’s path through the Legislature may have been marked by debate and scrutiny, but its outcome speaks volumes of Idaho’s resolve to champion its youth. With Idaho Launch, the state isn’t just launching a program; it’s launching a brighter future for its young citizens.