These days, it’s difficult to break through the noise of constant and endless marketing and advertising to reach your potential customers and help them find you. To improve customer experience, customer retention and to capture more leads, brands need to focus on creating a distinctive voice and pushing out quality content. Here are three ways you can improve your customer experience and capture more leads.

Rule of Reciprocity

The rule of reciprocity uses psychology to help influence sales and conversions. In short, you give something away for free, and in turn, your prospective customer feels obligated to do something in return. This could be in the form of a free trial, a free class, or a free entry-level product to help stroke your potential customer’s interest. The key is continuous follow up with your potential client after completion of the free trial or class. Communicate with him or her about their impressions, thoughts, and ask where they are in their decision making.

Content Is King

Generating useful, thoughtful and meaningful content for your social media, websites and digital marketing is an important part of providing customers with a great experience. Whether it’s video, statistical analysis, journalism pieces or something else, ensure that your content is on message, and includes a clear call to action for the prospect to learn more. As much as 80% of marketing content goes totally unused by sales reps as it’s either too generic or doesn’t speak to your potential customer’s specific questions or concerns. As much as possible, include custom generated content that speaks to your specific client.

Offer Referral Incentives

Word of mouth advertising from past customers or clients still provides one of the highest returns on investments on any marketing strategy. Turn your current customers into advocates for your business by offering a referral program for new business. Whether you offer future credit, cash, or some sort of valuable gift, your customers who have had good experiences with your company are now incentivized to spread that message throughout his or her network, therefore bringing you additional leads. These new leads can then be given a free class or trial and followed up with until you convert them to a new customer.

Acquiring new customers is slowly but surely becoming an expensive endeavor for many businesses. One of the ways to lower the cost of this investment is to maximize the efficiency of your marketing strategy by ensuring you provide your customers with a great experience. Consider offering free trials, generating authentic and relevant content, or offering your existing customers a referral program to help drive more new leads to you.

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