The first few weeks after having a baby can be isolating. If it is your first child, you may feel very protective and avoid going to public places. Eventually, you will realize that you need to get outside of the house for the sake of your own sanity. Going out with your baby is its own adventure. With some thoughtful preparation, it can be a wonderful bonding experience for you and your child.

Easy Transportation

Whether it is the park or the shopping mall, you need to consider where you are going with your child. While a removable car seat carrier offers excellent security, it can become very heavy after carrying it for a short time. If the terrain allows, it is best to take your baby in a stroller. There are several strollers that combine the car seat and stroller, which makes transitioning in and out of the car so much easier. Another option for a newborn is a baby carrier that straps to your chest. This harness will keep your baby in close contact while freeing up your arms.

Extra Clothes and Blankets

Most of the time when you go out, you will feel overprepared. It may look like you are packing for a vacation rather than a short trip to run errands. A baby’s needs are unpredictable. You do not want to be caught without a spare diaper if they need a change. You also want a change of clothes in case of unexpected leakage. Blankets are another comfort consideration. If you are spending time outdoors, you want to have some extra layers available if the temperature drops.

Toys and Pacifiers

Your baby does not have a long attention span. Although they will enjoy the stimulation of a trip out of the house, it is important to bring toys that can offer some distraction. This will be especially helpful if you want to have a conversation with another adult. Part of the joy of getting outside is getting together with other grownups. If your baby uses a pacifier, you will want to bring at least one spare. When you are out on the town, it is much more likely that a pacifier will be dropped or lost.

First-Aid Kit

When you go out with your baby, you must always be ready for the unexpected. You should bring a basic first-aid kit for your child in your diaper bag. You want to include some tools for basic care like baby nail clippers and a baby brush. You should also include common medications for infants like infant acetaminophen, saline drops, and gas drops. A bulb aspirator is also handy if your baby gets a stuffy nose while out of the house.


One of the challenges of parenthood is that things rarely go as you plan. The lovely morning at the park may get cut short when a diaper overflow. An unexpected ear infection can change your day. A new sleep schedule or an especially fussy baby may disrupt your plans. Now is the time to take a few deep breaths and go with the flow. As your child gets older, going out will get easier.

An outing with your baby can be both a challenge and a joy. One of the biggest benefits of starting trips as an infant is your child will grow up with the idea that it is important to get out of the house. You are setting an example by showing that activity is simply part of daily life. When you make the right preparations, getting outside gives both you and your baby the daily stimulation you need.

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