As the temperatures began to drop, the cold weather can be extremely harsh on your business’s building. From your building structure to the equipment housed inside, you must take extra care during the colder months to ensure that your business is thoroughly protected. Here are a few ways that you can help shield your business’s building from the Idaho winter temperatures.

    Battery-Powered Smoke and CO Detectors

    During the colder months, buildings tend to be sealed up more in order to keep the cold air out. With the combination of being enclosed along with the use of heating equipment, the risk of carbon monoxide buildup inside of your building as well as a potential fire can increase significantly. It is important that your CO and smoke detectors are in working order and also battery powered so that they are not compromised in case of a power outage. While most detectors give an alert whenever the batteries are running low, you should still perform routine checks just to make sure that they are working properly.

    Furnace Tune-Up

    Making sure that your building’s furnace is in optimal working condition is necessary to properly prepare for very low temperatures. You can achieve this by conducting routine maintenance such as having your furnace tuned up regularly. According to Able Service Company, a well-maintained heating system should last up to 20 years. Having pipes freeze and burst is something that can be avoided simply by adhering to basic maintenance routines and performing winter prep during a snowy winter.

    Prepare Your Landscape

    While it is very important to make sure the inside of your building is winter-ready, you must not overlook the outside as doing so can have damaging effects on your building as well. During the colder months, snow and ice will eventually melt, leading to the water that could potentially buildup and settle against your building’s foundation. Not only can this lead to water damage inside of your building but it can also wreak havoc on your foundation as well. Make sure that your landscape is properly graded to avoid possible water damage.

    These are just a few of the ways that you can prepare your business’s building for an Idaho winter. Not only should you take care of the inside equipment such as the furnace and CO detectors, but you should also prep the outside as well. Keeping tree branches trimmed as well as your landscape graded can help to keep your building’s outer structure winter ready as well.