In today’s competitive business market, it can be more difficult than ever to keep your organization on solid financial ground. Just a few missteps and you can find yourself dealing with a variety of setbacks. One of the most important factors to consider if your company appears to be headed for money challenges is how you are going to protect your upper management. Here are three ways that you can retain your top management staff during times of financial crisis.


    Restructuring your organization in an effort to keep your top management is a good solution when faced with a financial crisis. You may find it helpful to have an outside professional audit. This will provide you with guidance on how to best re-organize your company in a way that aligns with your business plan. A restructuring plan will provide the necessary framework to keep your top employees safe when you are forced to begin the downsizing process.

    Have Fail Safes in Place

    In order to ensure that you do not lose your best employees, you need to take care that you have put a fail-safe in place. Today’s unpredictable business environment necessitates that you always prepare for the worst. Putting in safety nets during strong economic times will give you that insurance that you need to protect your best employees and upper management when times are lean. You can even protect their income by providing insurance or a fund pool.

    Protect Your Cash Flow

    Regardless of how well your company is set up for success in the future, it is imperative that your cash flow is protected during the present crisis. Protecting your current cash flow will ensure that your top talent is paid on time and that they do not feel as if their position in the company is at risk. Finding alternative lenders might be a good way to ensure that you have the cash on hand to keep your business afloat and retain your upper management staff. You can also work to prioritize your spending and cut unnecessary expenditures so that you have more cash on hand to protect those vital employees.


    Savvy small business owners understand that protecting their key management personnel is imperative to the success of their organization. By instituting these three policies, you are ensuring that your company will retain the top talent during economic downturns.