Because this bustling metropolis is laid out in a clean grid pattern, getting around New York City is actually quite simple. In addition, there are several apps that can make travel via subway and bus easy. If you need a car for your trip, try to rent something small that handles and parks easily.


    Renting a car in the city will add to the price of your trip. In addition to paying for the rental, you’ll need to pay for parking, and you may have to find “stop and ride” lots in a distant location so you can take the subway to densely crowded areas. To avoid the rental and parking fees, consider purchasing a MetroCard for transport on the subway and local buses. Be sure to carry plenty of coinage as buses only take MetroCards or change; no paper money can be accepted. As a general rule, the subway is the fastest route but offers little change in scenery. The bus will be slower but give you a better view of the city.

    Staying Safe

    It’s important to note that small children can travel for free on mass transit in New York City. In a car, they’ll need the proper seats, and everyone in the vehicle will require a seat belt. In fact, drivers should use caution when starting out on any journey. You may be fined for each passenger without a seat belt, so make sure that both kids and adults are buckled in before you pull away from the curb.


    There’s a learning curve to driving a different vehicle, and New York City is one of the toughest cities to drive in thanks to the density of automotive, public transit and pedestrian traffic. Taxis can dart about suddenly. Buses are hard to follow and may be dangerous to pass. Driving an unfamiliar car through a city like New York can put you at risk for an accident with another vehicle, a bicycle or someone on foot.

    A trip to New York City can be an exciting adventure. Trying to drive in this bustling metropolis, however, could involve much more stress than you wish to experience. This may be especially true if you’re trying to manage the controls of an unfamiliar vehicle. Unless you absolutely must have a private car at your disposal, your trip will probably be more enjoyable and less costly if you utilize public transport.

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