When selecting a business partner, it’s critical that you work with someone who has the same goals as you, who can contribute knowledge and drive to the project, and who brings positivity and innovation to an otherwise challenging time. After all, starting a business from scratch isn’t for the faint of heart. The learning curve is steep, and nearly 1 in 5 businesses will fail in their first year.

    The stats on startups are so discouraging that many people never pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship. This is also the reason that so many brave business owners partner with companies that can provide them with a base of products, marketing materials, and/or existing sales funnels that can help them get started.

    But with so many potential partners out there, how do you choose who to partner with? The answer lies in how closely your values align with theirs, and the quality of the resources provided to you by your partner company.

    Many companies that are actively seeking partners receive a variety of reviews; after achieving different levels of success, some people are disappointed with their inability to get rich quickly and lose confidence in their business model. Often, they are not provided with the necessary support to stand out from the crowd in an overcrowded online marketplace.

    One company that doesn’t suffer from this problem is The Freedom Era, which unilaterally receives 5-star reviews across the board from its entire community. By offering their new business bootcamp, The Academy, which covers business strategy, leadership, digital marketing, and personal development, they are providing their partners with a comprehensive education that can be applied to any business. Coupled with their supportive and energetic community that builds each other up and shares insights, The Freedom Era has built a loyal following of enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

    Facebook Loves The Freedom Era

    Second only to Google for researching reviews, Facebook is an excellent source of feedback on businesses. With millions of users around the world, it’s impossible to suppress all of the negative reviews that come in – except The Freedom Era doesn’t have any.

    Their reviews read like this:

    Loved the high level of resources, easy-to-follow training, updated technology & fabulous supportive community within. So much value within this educational platform and user-friendly. Totally recommend this to anyone, either with absolutely no experience, to those who are tech savvy.” – Alison Faith Roberts

    The Freedom Era is the perfect space to level up all areas of your personal and business life. It has all the tools for success and an amazing supportive community, always encouraging each other to be the best versions of themselves and how to thrive in this New Era of humanity.  Amazing masterclasses, training, team calls, epic collaborations, and accountability to keep you moving forward. The best decision I ever made for my family was joining this platform.” – Claire Gloyne

    I absolutely love this platform and all that it’s done for me! The personal development has changed my life! The education has allowed me to learn marketing and sales online (something I knew nothing about) in a way that didn’t overwhelm me. Having access to the best in the biz and so many successful 6-7 figure earners, learning directly from them has been incredible! There’s no way I could have done this without the support of the Academy. Everything I need to know in one place! So much time savings knowing I don’t have to go searching and researching, it’s all here! So much support from the community which is the most amazing community I’ve ever been a part of and the service platform provided allows me so much more automation than I could have ever achieved on my own.” – Kiley T Tolson

    Where do I even begin? This isn’t just a training academy.

    It’s a community and family of authentic beautiful souls that support one another on each other’s journey while creating a huge impact and movement.

    The Freedom Era has my heart at home and I am forever grateful for everything it has and continues to bring.

    The professional standards with the Leaders, training and Business Strategies is second to none.

    This is the place to be a part of if you’re wanting to create Money, Freedom, Family, Impact, and a Legacy.

    We are all real people with real results.

    And this is why there is so much success daily within this community globally. Because of the leaders, the high-end training, and the culture created within this community.

    I love it all, from the support, the training, the mentorships, the momentum, weekly master classes, weekly team growth meetings, the everyday celebrations, the yearly celebration festivals/ events, the automation, to the Team catch-ups.

    The Academy literally has it all there for you to follow, plug in and duplicate.” – Lucy Braithwaite

    Freedom Era members

    The Freedom Era Reviews are Real

    Maybe it doesn’t mean too much to you if someone takes two minutes out of their day to write a Facebook review. But what if they wrote an entire blog post celebrating their newfound independence thanks to one company? That might be hard to ignore, and that’s exactly what Coral Lee did.

    She beautifully described The Freedom Era business model as:

    In full integrity

    In full transparency

    In full communication

    Unbiased — equal opportunity to everyone


    Full of love

    Full of people not afraid to show vulnerability

    Rooted in personal development

    Through her personal experience, she found that The Freedom Era provided:

    a high vibe community,

    a personal development mecca,

    a leading personal branding/digital marketing education system,

    a partnership with a highly converting quality health product that will drastically alter your entire family’s ability to detox and hydrate properly,

    an independent franchise model where we benefit from our teams’ success, but are never dependent on it,

    integral leadership,

    built-in mentorship,

    first 30 days checklist & weekly modules

    weekly live trainings from 7 & 8 figure earners,

    and 90-Day Masterminds.

    And all of this changed her life. She was able to leave her waitressing job and fully support her family during the COVID shutdown. She matches her husband’s salary while working from home and keeping her children out of daycare. She is part of a community that she has traveled to Australia twice to see. Coral creates her own schedule while creating legacy income for her kids. 

    Personally, the transformation has been even more dramatic:

    My entire life is laced in gratitude and acceptance.

    I have a much higher awareness of myself, my thoughts, and belief structures.

    I have grown on a personal development basis quicker and deeper than I ever could have alone (this one’s been very confronting at times!)

    My relationship with money can now be described as trusting, supportive, and in flow.

    I look at life differently. In a very good way.

    I have become a strong leader and lead a large team of sovereign, like-minded entrepreneurs.

    I surround myself with meaningful conversations.

    If you’re ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship with the guidance and support that you need and deserve, it’s time to contact The Freedom Era. 

    It’s time to be free!