Today’s business world is dominated by technology. And you need to stay up to date on the latest tech if you are going to stay competitive. Otherwise you could watch as the industry passes you by and your competitors take even more market share. One of the most powerful ways to transform your business is with virtualization. Here are various ways that it can transform your business:

    Promote Worker Productivity and Happiness

    Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to grow and serve your market. And they also need to be productive. Striking this balance is difficult to achieve. However, with virtualization solutions like Citrix, this is becoming more and more possible.

    Virtualization allows your employees to work from anywhere, at anytime. It does this by delivering secure versions of Windows, Linux, or SaaS apps to any web connected device. This remote work ability allows you to slash costs and be more efficient with how your workforce works and collaborates.


    Virtualization can mimic hardware capabilities and organization. For instance, if your servers run on a certain type of hardware but need to be updated to communicate with new part of your IT network, you don’t need to worry about the time and expense of replacing all of them. Run a virtualization solution that is plug and play so you can make the servers (hardware) believe they are interfacing with the same system (software delivered by virtualization). It’s a more agile solution with lower overhead.


    Entire web platforms can be run on virtualization software. This is the magic of solutions like dynamic web hosting. Instead of paying too much for web servers in advance, you can use software to virtualize web servers that act in exactly the same ways but can deployed instantly. This flexible approach allows you to achieve redundancy without the added expense, and can truly transform any business.

    Storage Devices

    The major corporations of old were plagued with massive data centers. These centers had to be managed by individuals. That means they had to screen, hire, train, and manage these individuals. That’s not to mention the land they bought, the rent they paid, the cooling requirements and expenses that go along with data centers, or the ongoing costs in electricity. Why do that when you can store data in the cloud with secure encryption solutions offered by virtualizing your storage and being able to access it whenever you want?

    Operating Systems

    In your business, there are certain applications that are fundamental to your success. However, they likely only run on one operating system. This requires you to install that system on your host machine or device for each employee. In addition to licensing fees, this can also be a pain if you simply need a one-time use of another operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.). Instead, virtualize an operating system by running it on the host system inside of a software container that gives you all the same features and functions but can be completely shut off and forgotten about when you’re done with it without making any permanent changes to your system.

    Networks and Security

    Each network is a complex collection of connections between devices. This includes your servers, devices, and routers. And proper security protocols need to be in place to ensure that a hacker can’t simply access one part of the network and gain access to all of it as a result. Virtualization technology enables you to monitor these connections in real time and emulate attack vectors so you can have a plan in advance.

    If you want to adapt to the modern digital age, then technology needs to be at the top of the list for your growth strategies. Leveraging the right technology can mean all the difference between not making profit and exceeding all expectations. So use the virtualization strategies above to take your business to the next level and dominate the competition.



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