If you dream of the perfect home to fit your needs, especially during a pandemic, you might have already noticed that both older and newer homes on the market don’t suit your needs. If you’ve decided to build, there are still further decisions to be made about how you’ll build. What are the home building options you should know about before deciding how to begin?

    Traditional Home Building

    Traditional home building is the tried and true method for creating a home that is suitable for your needs. You can choose everything, from how many closets you need, what colors and textures you want, flooring, countertops, and so on, to customize your space. According to Owlcation, this is a long process which can take many months of building from foundation to rooftop, but can be very rewarding! Working with a home designer will definitely help you adjust to the learning curve.

    Manufactured Homes

    With the “tiny house” trend replacing that of McMansions, living minimally is certainly more fashionable of late. But it can be easy to forget that smaller manufactured homes have been available for a long time, and also have more trendy options available than before. According to Luxury Homes, manufactured homes allow you to customize, while still being cost effective and eco-friendly. They have smaller footprints and some can even be moved when you need to move as well. Do not set aside this option because you have memories of manufactured homes from decades past!

    Concrete Ideals

    If you love modern design and want to have a well-insulated home that looks both minimalist and eternal, concrete might be a great bet for you! Easy to heat and cool, and capable of being built as large or small as preferred, Homedit says concrete homes are customizable and fit into any landscape. They can be blocklike and modern in design, looking like a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece, or round and built to be covered in growing greenery, like a hobbit house! Best of all, they often are molded in advance, so installation into your acreage is easy.

    Regardless of what kind of home you decide to build, the important thing is that you enjoy living in it. You have a chance to make sure your home encapsulates everything you’ve had to compromise on in the past. While you’re customizing, look into all the possibilities before making a decision!

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