As an organization grows, printing becomes an essential aspect as you need a significant number of documents to be printed. This makes it hard for you because the print servers in your organization do not seem to be offering the services that you intend to get. Sometimes they experience breakage at an hour of need which causes you to feel embarrassed. High maintenance costs and the fact that you need to repair them is an expensive task for the organization that is draining your investment funds. This article has discussed three steps that you can implement in your organization and eliminate print servers.

    Printing Outsourcing Management

    This is a step that involves getting printing work from an external company that specializes in printing tasks. It is worth highlighting that expanding your company means that the printing department and print servers need to be expanded. You might lack the necessary funds to do so, and the only strategy you can adopt is to ensure that you outsource your printing needs from professional printers. There are many printing organizations, and their services have received accolades in recent times. The many benefits of outsourcing print management include:

    • You don’t need to have your print servers, which require regular maintenance and budget allotment  
    • You get your documents printed by a professional, ensuring you always receive the quality that reflects your company
    • You get the services as and when you want

    Cloud Printing

    Cloud-based printing is a digital method that large multinational organizations or those companies that have a lot of printing work is adopting. The strategy involves connecting all the computers in a local area network (LAN) such that the information in one computer can be accessed on all computers within the organization. Therefore, an individual will print a document in his or her office, and the single printer located in a secluded location in the organization will print the documents. Some of the benefits of cloud-based printing include:

    • Minimizing the cost of buying multiple printing servers
    • One can print documents in his/her office without needing a printer
    • You will only need to maintain and repair one printer

    Mobile Printing

    This is the third step you can adopt in your organization to eliminate printing servers. This strategy involves connecting smartphones with a single printer located in a particular office. All the mobile phones that belong to the organization plus other digital devices such as tablets are connected to the single printer. Individuals will only be required to instruct the printer to print a particular document in a remote area. Some of the benefits of mobile printing include:

    • One can print in the remote area
    • Requires little maintenance and repair
    • Eliminates unreliable printing servers in the organization that consumes much space.

    Printing is a necessity as it helps your organization to store information in hand copies for future reference. However, printing servers are unreliable and time wasting which you should consider replacing using the three steps highlighted above. Cloud-based printing, mobile printing, and outsourcing are modern printing methods that are easily affordable and consistent with the technological demands of a company. To learn more about business technology and it’s increasing benefits, check out our Business News Archive.