Every team leader worries about how their employees are doing. You should actually worry the most when they are working long hours in their offices. It’s easy for them to develop various problems behind closed doors. Here are the reasons why you should get your workers to disconnect every now and then.

    The Office Is Always There

    Remind your employees that their offices will always be there indefinitely. They don’t have to spend hours working overtime in a cramped office space. Sitting at a computer all day is enough to cause various health problems like back pain and leg muscle cramps. While you can do things to minimize these risks, it’s also beneficial to encourage employees to take a break from their traditional office space and schedule. Allow the employees to leave this space and take some of their work assignments home.

    Technology Is Distracting

    Technology has improved communications among professionals and clients. Business leaders hold meetings with members in different parts of the country, and they advertise to millions of customers around the world. On the other hand, every good asset has its disadvantages. The main one for office workers is that technology can be more distracting than necessary. World at Work explains, “Being distracted at the office is common for a variety of reasons, according to a new report by Udemy, but technology is a leading cause.”

    To combat this, perhaps restrict the amount of time that your employees spend using the computer or phone. To do this, reduce the number of hours that they spend in their offices. Many companies have daily limits to the number of hours that their employees use the Internet. At many schools and businesses, the uses of all public computers are closely monitored. Strongly consider tracking every web page or phone call that is made, and apply penalties to anyone who misuses the company’s tools. If these options don’t sound right for your employees, consider doing a company training on time management and behavior so as to minimize workplace and technology distractions.

    Fatigue Is Distracting

    Fatigue is a common reason why many professionals should go home early. However, most of them refuse to quit, even when they cannot keep their eyes open, and continue working beyond their limits. As a result, Emmanuel Sheppard and Condon points out that “collisions are caused by a number of reasons, but [among] the most common are: distracted driving [and] reckless driving.” Labor laws prevent people from working all day long, but many continue to ask for overtime hours or work additional jobs. It’s important to give regular breaks and encourage them to go home when they are exhausted so they are able to drive safely.

    Disconnecting from the office does not mean becoming lazy and unproductive. It means knowing the mental and physical limits of the average person and not creating more health problems than necessary. Disconnecting is essential to restore lost energy and increase productivity levels within a company.

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