Social media is one of the most powerful forces in the world right now, and none is more prevalent than Facebook. They can also be used as a tool to help build and grow your business. This only works if properly used, however, so here are 3 tips for effectively using Facebook to boost your business.

Update Often

Users will only see your Facebook on their page whenever you update it, and if a potential customer goes to your Facebook and sees you haven’t updated anything there for months they will wonder if you are even still open. Updating your business’s Facebook often avoids these issues, and – more importantly — will make people notice you. Threadless does a great job of this by going so far as to even update their cover photo regularly.

It is important to avoid customers feeling you are spamming them, but giving useful and interesting updates regularly is the way to go. Post pictures of the day at your business, tell a funny story from your company that day, relate to current affairs or news, or give important new information for customers. For examples, L.L. Bean does a good job of this. Update regularly, but make meaningful and useful updates.

Do More Than Push Product

You want people to be interested in your Facebook, and no one is interested in an advertisement. While it can be used effectively in this way, Facebook should never feel like you are advertising. Use the platform to allow people to learn about your company, your products, and your employees. Make them feel they are getting to know you by giving meaningful information that people will enjoy, whether it’s funny, interesting, or moving. For example, if you look at doTERRA’s page, they don’t just talk about essential oils.

Another way to make your page better is to regularly upload photos, as they will immediately attract people’s attention. Ensure they are high resolution images to retain your professional appearance.

Build Your Following

Facebook is great for business, but only if people are seeing it. Once you act on the previous steps, make sure you encourage customers to visit your Facebook. The more people you have looking at your page, the more people there will be liking and sharing your posts. This will bring people who haven’t heard of your company to your page, which will bring them to your business. Doing this effectively will give you a growing and self-sustaining advertisement campaign.

Facebook has become a vital tool for business, and, when used correctly, will help your customer base, profits, and business grow. Make sure you aren’t neglecting this crucial part of your online presence!

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