There is something magical about a puppy staring adoringly into your eyes. These happy dogs just want to play and have fun. When you adopt a puppy, you get to see it grow up and learn about the world. There will certainly be some challenges along the way, but a puppy will bring joy to your home for years. Here are seven reasons to help you decide if adopting a puppy is the right plan for your home and family.

    Puppies Are Adorable

    Just seeing your puppy will make you feel happy. Look how cute all kinds of puppy breeds can be, from beagles to Irish setters. They bumble around trying to make sense of how the world works, cocking their heads as if trying to unravel a difficult problem. Like small children, it will take some time for a puppy to develop its full potential, growing into an agile shepherd or a quick sprinter. For now, the puppies are doing the best they can, and they look adorable while doing it.

    Puppies Are Good Companions

    Adopting a puppy is like finding an instant friend. Generations of selective breeding have led to dogs being the perfect companion animal. Your dog wants to be with you and likes being around you. Puppies like it when there are friendly people who notice them. Moreover, your dog wants to please you. Although most puppies respond to treats, many can be trained solely with praise and attention. Especially for people who live alone, a puppy can bring new life to your house.

    Puppies Reduce Stress

    Recent studies have shown that having an animal tends to reduce stress levels. Of course, there will be times when your puppy is young that you may get frustrated. It will chew on things it is not supposed to. It will take some time to get the hang of bathroom etiquette. But, have you ever been in a quiet room with a sleeping dog? The soft breathing will slow your own breathing down. Your puppy will also learn to read your emotions, comforting you when you get frustrated or sad. You are feeling blue, and suddenly, this warm friend is leaning up against you, reminding you that everything will be alright.

    Puppies Get You Outside

    Unless you want a mess in your house, you will need to take your puppy outside. Having a puppy forces you to enjoy the fresh air. If you are adventurous, your puppy can be a great companion on a hike through the woods or a stroll on the beach. Puppies love to explore new places, taking in all the sights and smells. Keep in mind that puppies can be unpredictable. If they are not in a fenced-in yard, they should always be on a leash when walking.

    Puppies Teach Responsibility

    If you have children, having a puppy can be a way to teach them responsibility. Puppies need daily care like being fed and given water. Several times a day, someone needs to take the puppy outdoors. Even though it is unpleasant, being a good pet owner means cleaning up after your dog. Depending on the breed, it may also need to be brushed regularly. Another aspect of caring for a dog is training. Training needs to be done daily for the best results. By having children take part in all of this care, they will be better prepared to handle other responsibilities in their lives.

    Puppies Give You Exercise

    Puppies love to run and play. Even more, they love it when you run and play with them. A dog will encourage you to be more active, which is great for your heart health. If you are someone who likes to exercise by counting steps, a faithful companion will help you reach your daily goal before you know it. Even low-intensity activities like throwing a ball become more active when an excited partner is running and jumping around you, urging you to throw as far as you can. If you are doing intense exercise with your dog, make sure that it has some water to drink. Just like you, your dog needs to stay hydrated.

    Puppies Need Homes

    Perhaps the best reason to adopt a puppy is the fact that puppies need homes. Every day, animals are euthanized in shelters because they had no place to go. Even in no-kill shelters, the conditions are not ideal for these animals. They will spend long hours alone, waiting for someone to pay attention to them. They want to be loved. They want someone to love back. When you adopt a puppy, you are giving it a full life with the companionship it needs to thrive.  

    There are so many ways that a puppy benefits a home. Not only are you helping the puppy, but you will find that the puppy will grow to help you. With the right care and proper training, your puppy will become a faithful companion and a great friend to everyone in your household.

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