Construction is a high-risk industry. If you have ever visited a construction site, then you know it has a lot of moving parts. An accident can occur that may cause an injury or death. Construction supervisors have a duty to protect their crew and equipment. Read on to find out about four important safety tips.

Make Sure the Ground Is Level

A level ground is important on a construction site. You are driving cranes, drills and oil rigs on the ground and parking heavy equipment. Uneven ground can make the equipment unstable and endanger your workers. For heavier equipment such as cranes and oil rigs, rig mats are generally recommended. Rig mats distribute the weight of the rig over a wider area, which prevents unseen sinkholes from opening up under the track. It helps to visit the building site during the preconstruction phase to make sure the ground is stable.

Display Safety Signs

Construction sites benefit greatly from safety signage. These signs can help visitors and employees. A danger sign can alert a worker of a serious hazard that can result in serious bodily harm. If you do not want visitors to enter a site or certain area, then you should put an admittance sign out front. An admittance sign may say only employees are allowed. However, OSHA offers the proper guidelines for how to display signs on your work site.

Wear High Visibility Clothing

Choosing the right gear can save the lives of your employees. High visibility clothing is important in the construction industry. If a construction worker works in a high traffic area, then he or should be visible to the public. Drivers should be able to identify construction workers. If not, a construction worker can get hit by a motorist or cause an accident. It is essential to provide your employees with safety garments.

Do Not Stand Under Suspended Loads

Loads are suspended by jib cranes, forklifts and wheel loaders. If you lift anything above the ground, then it is a suspended load. However, you should never stand under a suspended load. It can fall down and cause serious bodily harm.

Construction helps with the economic growth of our country. However, laborers have some of the most dangerous jobs. Employers have to follow standards set by OSHA to keep them safe. After implementing these measures, you will be more equipped to protect your workers. It will minimize the risk of someone getting hurt on your construction site.

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