Many Americans risk their lives every day at their jobs in the hope of securing a better living. Even though these jobs are dangerous, many of them are very important in regards to helping out the community. Here is a look at the most dangerous jobs on the market.

    Construction Worker

    Construction is seen as a very dangerous field. These very skilled workers handle a variety of duties in a high risk environment. As a result, construction workers have a high injury and fatality rate.

    Logging Worker

    Logging fatalities increase every year as a result of the dangers associated with spending the majority of your time outside using dangerous machinery. Workers often work in terrible weather, which also increases the risk of fatalities.

    Fishing Worker

    While fishing is a popular hobby, fishing workers have dangerous jobs. These workers often deal with unreliable equipment, poor weather, and occasional transportation incidents.


    Roofers are always at risk of injury, whether it’s sunburn or having a finger or hand damaged while using machinery. Unfortunately, the most serious danger comes from a potential fall, which will almost certainly lead to your death.


    While there is now new efficient technology, that does not make the physical demands of farming any easier. Workers are still required to work long hours while staying in close contact with heavy machinery and equipment. Transportation injuries occur frequently.

    Steel Workers

    Steel workers install iron beams and use cranes to lift the beams. However, potential slips, falls, and trips cause iron workers to deal with a high rate of injuries.

    Electrical Power Line Workers

    Despite the safety precautions, these workers face the potential of death on a regular basis. Electrocution and falling accidents occur way too frequently.

    Corrections Officer

    Correctional officers deal with inmate incidents on a daily basis. In many cases, these incidents with inmates may result in a correctional officer getting injured in some way.


    The incident injury rate in the firefighting industry continues to rise every year. Firefighters have to deal with dangerous variables, such as smoke inhalation, falling debris, and potential burns.

    The Importance of Workers Compensation Insurance

    Many employers are mandated to provide workers compensation insurance, which helps employees who were injured while on the job recover their lost wages. Most injuries can be classified as work related if they occur at the workplace, however, workers should also be covered in the event that the injury occurred while they were using company owned equipment or they were working at an offsite location on behalf of their job.