Corporate giving can take on any one of a number of different forms. While it is great for companies to give a traditional check to help the communities, there are other ways that they can be of assistance. Here are some creative ways that companies can give back.

    Invite the Community Over

    By hosting events at your workspace, you enable the public to get a glimpse of what your company is about. While they are on your premises, they can see what your company does and learn more about your business. While there may be some costs associated with this approach, it functions as advertising for your business. Access equals visibility and this, in turn, leads to more business opportunities. People are more inclined to feel positively towards as business that they can see and know. Hosting a charitable event can be fairly easy and the benefits your business will gain from it are immeasurable.

    School Supply Drives

    Even without a check, there are many ways for businesses to give that can be a cost-effective way to help. One possible avenue for assistance is donations of school supplies. Since many supplies can be bought wholesale and then distributed to the schools and communities that need them, it can help stretch your business donation budget. At the same time, you can achieve a large footprint throughout the community. These drives are a high-visibility area that gives businesses a large amount of positive coverage.

    Donate Time or Money

    Whatever line of business that you are in, there is something good that your company does. Consider donating some of that service to underprivileged people. Alternatively, you can volunteer your general business skills to help others. Pro bono work can include helping people with their resumes and business plans. In addition to providing free services, you can donate a percentage of your profits toward benefiting a cause in your industry. For example, one addiction marketing agency donates a percentage of their profits to help people get the treatment they need to start the recovery process. Similarly, you can find a way to make a difference in your specific industry or community.

    Community Service Days

    You can encourage your employees to participate in various events and activities around the community. This day does not have to be during working hours. Instead, you can either foster volunteerism on the weekend or find another way to incentivize employees to participate. If your company can become involved with multiple good causes on this day, it can further maximize your exposure. At the same time, it can help build a sense of community among your own employees.

    There are many different ways that companies can give beyond just money. When you think creatively, you can maximize your charitable efforts in the community.

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