Many businesses, of all sizes and industries, are built on a solid network of local connections. Fostering a strong professional network is essential for fueling organic growth and establishing stable progress towards success. Unfortunately, many business leaders struggle to broaden their scope and consistently make new meaningful connections. While the following ideas aren’t a comprehensive guide to networking, they can help you increase the value and results from outreach efforts.

Ideas to Create More Local Business Connections

Follow a Code of Personal Conduct

Transitioning a casual or personal connection into a professional one can be tricky, but is also a powerful way to find genuine partners. Company leaders should conduct themselves with honesty, integrity, and selflessness in their private life. These are among the most essential traits that professionals look for when making a connection, so it’s important to “show rather than tell” in all areas of your life. Follow through on commitments whenever possible, try to be on time to all appointments, and always keep the needs of others in mind. When looking for similar connections, be sure to keep this in mind and know who your true friends really are when it comes to consistency and personal conduct.


Attend Local Business Events and Groups

Companies and firms that primarily serve commercial clients, like business lawyers or managed service providers, should always keep their eye out for local professional gatherings. While these opportunities may be limited depending on location, many cities and communities have chapters of national organizations that provide fertile terrain for making new connections. This kind of environment attracts other professionals who are also trying to broaden their network, so be sure to bring plenty of business cards with you. Attending these kinds of events can also alert you to competition and similar products or brands to yours, helping you avoid litigation or other issues that could crop up if you weren’t paying attention.


Participate in Community Outreach

Getting yourself or your company team involved in community outreach projects not only enhances public image, it also puts you face-to-face with new people. Many local companies assist with large group projects in their home area and you never know who you might encounter while lending a helping hand to those in need. Group volunteer activities are also a great way to build team cohesion and bonding outside of the normal confines of the workplace.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Advice

When it comes to connecting with professionals, asking for a favor can be better than offering one. Approaching someone for advice, even if it’s a relatively minor concern, shows you respect their ability and opinion. It also gives both parties a chance to collaborate and converse on subjects of mutual interest, which is the foundation of any professional relationship.


Creating local and area-specific connections for your business and professional profile will go a long way. You’ll be more connected within the industry, in the local community and you’ll be able to work with more partners later on. These tips are just a starting point for forging new connections so get networking and see what your company can discover.

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