With the rise of do-it-yourself plans and ideas, comes the required space, knowledge and equipment to complete these rewarding projects. What’s more, completing many DIY projects makes sense only in certain settings with plenty of property. If you live in a rural community or are considering moving there, your lifestyle offers many advantages. Here are five easy DIY projects for your rural lifestyle:

    1. Spruce up your house and outbuildings with fresh paint

    Whether you want the trim on your house to look clean and fresh or your entire barn needs an update, painting is a simple DIY project. With very few materials and some time, you can turn outdated and worn exteriors into more attractive places. Simply pick up some quality exterior paint and durable brushes next time you’re out.

    2. Freshen up your landscaping, and add a sprinkler system

    Spring is the perfect season to rethink your yard’s layout. Do you have a few shrubs or trees that have worn-out their welcome because of their tendency to overgrow and push out more desirable vegetation? With a day’s rental of a small piece of machinery or other power tool, you can rid your yard of unattractive or even dangerous areas. Fill their void with fresh sod, mulch or more manageable plants. Another DIY yard improvement could be a sprinkler system. After mapping and running the PVC pipes and attaching the sprinkler heads, install the controller to adequately water the different areas of your property.

    3. Create a comfortable outdoor space with pallet furniture


    With warmer weather approaching, you and your family will want to take advantage of your beautiful outdoor setting. Whether you’ve accumulated pallets over the years or know of a place where you can pick them up for free, pallets can be used to make DIY patio furniture of all kinds: chairs, couches or benches. With simple carpentry tools, you can reuse pallet lumber to make a cozy hang-out place.

    4. Convert a spare room into a media room

    On the other hand, for a fun indoor space, convert an unused bedroom, den or office into a media room the whole family can enjoy. After selecting the entertainment center, TV and furniture to make your media room comfortable, you can wire your space with surround sound to make it the ultimate experience in home entertainment.

    5. Monitor your property with a security system

    After putting many investments of money, time and hard work into your rural property, the logical step is to protect it all from vandalism or burglary; follow the ADT home security installation steps to ensure the safety of your family and assets. You can easily monitor your home, garage, yard and other buildings and areas to protect your valuables.

    No matter what your skill level, you can do projects yourself to improve your quality of living and comfort level in your rural community. From sprucing up the exterior of your buildings to ensuring the safety and integrity of all areas of your property, DIY projects allow you the freedom to do what’s right for you and your family.