Advanced technologies in information and communications have brought different methods for marketing your business. Online platforms offer the opportunity to reach a large customer base with few costs. However, small businesses always find it difficult to compete with large established firms, especially if they operate in the same industry. This article recommends some important search engine tools that will boost your website hence helping your business to grow.

1. Ahrefs

To optimize your business website, you will be required to have backlinks from legitimate sites. Many website owners are happy to increase their backlinks only to find out that they are from illegitimate sites. Ahrefs will help you to determine the source of your backlinks. This SEO tool also plays a vital role by helping you to figure out where other competing websites are getting their backlinks. Backlinks from legitimate sites and the ability to determine the source of competitor backlink is an important SEO strategy for your business.

2. SEO Quake

This is a valuable SEO tool that helps you to conduct a performance analysis of your website. It is useful in determining the number of people visiting your site and how your website is secure against interference from scammers. Moreover, SEO Quake may help you to learn how your website is friendly to users and how you can improve it so that visitors can easily navigate around. The ability to spy and evaluate on the performance of other websites in your industry is helpful as it allows you to always remain competitive.

3. Moz Local

For your small business website to rank highly among other businesses in your local area, the name of your company and contact details among additional directory information needs to be cited on other websites. Yelp and Bing are some of the popular business directories in the industry. Moz Local enables you to determine whether your citations are the same across different directories. Having consistent citations plays a crucial role in ranking your website within your locality.

4. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is an SEO tool that will help you to determine some of the aspects that have a negative impact on your page ranking. It is an auditing tool that will help you to identify all the mistakes that your website or blog page might have. Small businesses should use this tool so that they can determine the problems and troubleshoot them for higher ranking. This tool saves you time since you don’t need to manually audit your site which is sometimes cumbersome and time-consuming.  

5. Rank Checker

Most of the times, it is challenging to determine where your site ranks among other websites in the same business. Small businesses should install a rank checker because it will help them discover their position in Google rankings. Understanding your ranking position is essential because it plays a key role in informing you how to improve your website. It can offer sufficient information on what has been causing a gradual decline in your site despite the improvement measures that you have adopted.

6. Review Management System

You may be surprised to learn that online reviews can go a long way toward boosting local search rankings. As Podium explains, “One of the biggest benefits that online reviews bring to your business is a boost in local search ranking. This is important because if customers can’t even find your business when they are looking, how can they possibly make a purchase from you.” A review management system is a proactive way to get more online reviews for your customers. Ultimately, this will make your business easier for locals to find.

7. Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout is an essential tool for small businesses which cannot acquire the services of an SEO agency due to cost constraints. Therefore, they will need to conduct an in-depth analysis of their site without outsourcing. This SEO tool will determine the performance of your website concerning specific ranking metrics such as backlink, the speed of your website, and keyword density. You will later use the information provided to enhance your site for higher ranking.


To offer significant competition and boost their performance, small businesses need to adopt these search engine tools to keep their websites relevant. Ensuring that your site has fresh content, has no broken links, and has backlinks from legitimate websites is the key to the success of your small business. Moreover, it is important to keep evaluating the effectiveness of your business website so that you can improve where necessary.


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