When figuring out the next best steps for your child and their future, college is often one of the first things parents think of. Here are six of the best college degrees for a secure financial future for your young adult.

Construction Management

Since the Industrial Age, buildings and planning construction have been on the rise in ways never seen in the past. This has not changed even in the last 10 years. A degree in construction management will allow your child to oversee the planning and development of buildings in a wide variety of locations. If your child has the travel bug, this may be a good opportunity for them because construction management isn’t focused on a specific geographical area.


Career possibilities with a business degree include bookkeeping, operations coordinator, sales representative, and entrepreneur. While some say that you do not need a business degree to accomplish most of the things that you could reach in the business world, this is not always true. Even in areas like entrepreneurship, where people place a high value on learned skill over earned skill, having a business degree adds a certain level of credibility to a person’s backstory.

Additionally, there are things that you will learn from the people who teach you a business that you would not learn by going it alone. If your child is considering a degree in business, then you want to make sure that their professors have direct business experience. This way, your child can get real-world information while also earning their degree. Not only that, but this helps students get prepared for entry level positions.


Accounting is one of the best degrees with a secure financial future. That’s because knowing numbers and understanding the bottom line can be applied across a wide variety of industries. In both traditional businesses and nonprofit organizations, accountants are needed in every sector. There are even specialized accountants who focus on entrepreneurs and small business owners.

The great thing about having a degree in accounting is it’s one of those vacations where your pay is commensurate with your experience as well as the degree that you have. People expect to invest when it comes to an accountant, no pun intended. Because of that, you can be sure that a degree in accounting will put your child ahead of the game with a secure financial future in the short-term and in the long run.

Political Science

While this degree may sound antiquated, is still one that is highly sought-after and can be applied in many industries domestically and internationally. The great thing about a political science degree is that you get to learn about patterns and trends that are seen across the world and across time. Because of this, it’s a fun degree to earn, especially if your child is a fan of history. It’s also a great degree to have because it will allow your child options in the future that pay well. A political science degree can open doors for your child in city planning, urban development, journalism, and much more.


Medical degrees and the need for doctors and nurses are on the rise. It’s expected that the field of nursing will see an increase by about 200% within the next 5-10 years. Because these degrees are so highly sought-after, the waitlist for them can be quite lengthy. The good thing is that once your child has their nursing degree, there are many career options that pay well and will keep you on a good path with a secure position in the future.

This is also a great option if your child prefers a job with some variety. Nursing degrees aren’t just the people in scrubs that you see on the for helping patients. A nursing degree can also open the door for you to work in upper management at a hospital at a local community clinic.

Software Development

Software development is a degree that somewhat flies under the radar but is one that will give you a secure financial future. With technology consistently growing, having people who understand how to build and utilize software technologies is a growing trend. People who have a degree in software development will be better off in securing a strong job that pays well because most software development degrees require real-world experience before graduation.

To employers, this real-world experience is worth its weight in gold. With this experience, that means that they do not have to invest in training a new employee and how to do their job and can focus on helping that new employee acclimate to their workplace culture. If your child already has a strong interest in computers, this could be an excellent career path for them.

Information Systems

Like software development, a degree in information systems is a degree that many employers look for when it comes to Information Technology jobs. In the early days of information system degrees, programming was probably the most well-known. Now, Information Systems degrees that will help your child get a secure job that pays well focus on security within the information system structure. You’ll find that most I.S. degrees today will focus on security. This will benefit you when you’re looking for a job that has longevity and good benefits.

Even though media outlets or your friends and family say that a degree isn’t worth anything anymore, there are still some degrees out there that you can only learn from a credible institution and can’t learn the knowledge you would gain solely by experience. These six degrees are one place that you can start to get information on degrees that will give you a secure financial future.

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