If you run a business, then you need to find a way to help everyone be in a positive state of mind. This is easier said than done. However, if you apply holistic healing techniques, you can ensure that your team is on the same page. That way they will be more likely to drive value through your organization and boost profits:


    When the mind and body are left to their own devices, they can do wonders of healing themselves. However, too few people in the workplace give their body and mind the space to do this. Meditation is all about slowing things down. By taking a few minutes a day, whether it’s 5, 10, or 20, you can coach your team through being more mindful and relaxed throughout the day for maximum healing.


    Empathy and peacemaking are essential in business today. Long gone are the days where everything in the business world was about the “good old boys” drinking scotch and making fun of each other. Today’s workers come from diverse backgrounds and have sensitivities. To protect their psychology and offer a safe space in the workplace, employ peacemaking and empathy strategies.


    Yoga is more than chanting and stretching. It is dynamic movement and one of the key tenets of holistic healing. It seems difficult at first, putting many people off. However, with practice, it can become something that everyone in your business cherishes.


    The most important step to holistic healing is to watch what you eat. The difference in effect between junk food and natural healthy food on the body is massive. Providing your team with healthy snacks can be a great first step in holistic healing that can really improve every step of your process. Look for lean protein, whole-grain foods, and fruits and vegetables as a starting point, and start cutting out the salty and sugary snacks that probably litter your office. Another great step is to cut back on the caffeine and make sure each team member is getting enough water to help them work better, work harder, and work smarter. A good nutrition plan has long term benefits, and can even reduce the number of sick days taken by team members long term.


    Affirmations are great for the soul. They are a positive support for the mind and help focus you on what you want. If your whole team is doing affirmations, they are bound to get what they are focusing on and boost your bottom line. Try doing 3 to 5 affirmations as a group for the best holistic effect.

    Group Forgiveness

    Things move fast in the business world. As such, you are bound to step on someone’s toes or say the wrong thing when trying to wrap up a project. Acknowledge this with group forgiveness sessions where you learn to let go of the past.

    When it comes to running and growing a business, your team members are the lifeblood of what you do. You need them to be feeling healthy, peaceful, and positive. When you do this, you ensure that they will bring a better state of mind to the workplace. This filters down into everything you do. Eventually, if you apply the techniques above, you can enjoy a more profitable business with less stress than ever before.