Social media has given a new life to companies that would have otherwise gone out of business. It is often said that obscurity is the biggest challenge that a business can face. Therefore, leaders must understand the basic functions and rules of running a successful brand through these various social media outlets. The following list details some of the best ways to be consistent with your social media posting.

Create a Content Calendar

When it comes to remembering to post on your business page, it can be quite difficult to constantly remind yourself to post. Running a business requires a lot of attention on a variety of things, from accounting to sales and beyond. Therefore, many new business owners usually ask how they can maintain a consistent posting schedule on their social media platforms. According to Social Pilot, one of the best things to do is to create and implement a content calendar. A content calendar will allow you to plan days or even weeks ahead about what you want to post without having to sit down every day and come up with something new. The great thing is that most platforms, such as Instagram, allow users to schedule their posts.

Repurpose Content

Contrary to popular belief, reposting is not a social media sin. Sure, you’ll get a comment or two about it being an old post. However, according to Brandmerry, most people won’t see your content the first time you post it anyway, so reposting at a later date will help you reach more users. Reposting also allows you to test out different types of marketing. One post can contain a different version of the image with the same caption or vice versa. These techniques allow you to really understand what works and what doesn’t.

Respond to Comments

Consistency doesn’t only involve the act of posting every day but also interacting with your audience. Make sure to get to as many comments as your schedule allows. Do not leave people talking to themselves for more than twenty-four hours, as others can clearly see that you are not responsive. This may be hard to keep up with, so it is vital that you set aside a few minutes of your day to respond to your potential customers.

The addition of social media has provided a plethora of opportunities for small businesses to get off the ground. However, simply being on these platforms is not enough. Consistency is key to developing a true connection with your base—a connection that will eventually lead them into your store.
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