Blogging can be great fun. It’s your opportunity to share your views and knowledge with the world and make an impact. If you are good at it, you can earn money by blogging through ads, product features, and merchandise sales. If you want to start making money blogging, or want to make even more money blogging, there are a few key habits you need to cultivate.

    Become a Goal Setter

    Those who set goals are over 300% more likely to be successful at their business. Who wouldn’t want to be 300% more likely to succeed? Becoming a real goal setter is more difficult than some people realize. It’s more than just having an idea in your head. To be effective you need to write down your goal and follow through. A useful acronym is SMART. S stands for a goal that specifically states what you are going to accomplish. M stands for a goal that you can measure to record progress. A stands for a goal that is attainable. R stands for a goal that is relevant to your purpose. T stands for a goal that has a time by which it must be accomplished.

    Be Creative

    Blogging is a creative industry, so you need to be creative and constantly innovate to be successful. If you are running out of ideas, consider your target audience. Successful blogging isn’t about writing what you want, it’s about writing what your audience wants to read. People read blogs to get new ideas, learn about their problems, and find out interesting things. So, ask yourself, who is my audience? What do they like? What are their problems? What grabs their attention? By tailoring your posts to these questions, you will give your blog a more focused brand which will resonate better with readers.

    Post Regularly

    It’s much easier to retain readers than it is to get new ones. In order to maintain readers, you need to have plenty of content for them to read. The best way to achieve this is to set up aschedule to post regularly. It’s imperative that you follow your schedule religiously. If you miss a post, you will disappoint your readers and start to lose them. It’s a good idea to have several pre-written articles set aside. That way you can just upload one if you’re getting behind on a crazy day.

    By following these tips, you set yourself up to succeed. The rest is up to you. There are billions of readers in the world and even more topics that can be written about. The only thing that will stop you from succeeding is yourself. So, push aside any self-doubt and start writing.

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