Just as it is important to look your best for a job interview, your business needs to look its best in order to impress potential customers. Here are three improvements you should think about making to enhance the visual appeal of your business.

    Revamp Your Façade

    The front of your business is the most important because it is what will create your customers’ first impressions of your business. Never underestimate the power and importance of a first impression. Through a first impression, customers begin to form ideas about the quality of goods and services that you provide.  Impressions are crucial when establishing rapport with a customer, so why not start with the very first thing they lay eyes on? 

    A clean and fresh coat of paint will significantly improve the look of your business. Getting rid of outdated or abnormal designs is also a good way to improve the perception of your business. Invest in a clean, professional logo and revamp your façade so that your customers will see the best of your business right from the start.

    Repair Your Parking Lot

    Buildings are important for businesses, but so are other land assets, such as parking lots. No one will want to take their business to a place with an unkempt lawn and parking lot.  In order to increase the curb appeal of your business, make sure to stay on top of parking lot maintenance.  You might include on your parking lot maintenance to-do list items such as regular cleanings, yearly painting/striping, and maintaining the overall condition of the asphalt or concrete paving.

    When choosing what kind of paving you want to use, make sure that you consider the cost, the amount of maintenance it requires, and the local weather conditions. For example, if you’re on a budget, asphalt paving might be the better choice. Asphalt paving is by far the cheapest and easiest material to maintain. It is very cost effective and even responds well to most climates. In general, it’s better for cold weather like you would experience in areas of the northern United States.

    Maintain the Landscape

    On top of keeping the parking lot and building looking fresh and clean, it is important to stay on top of landscaping.  Make sure that the grass is weeded and watered. Keep the lawn green and well-trimmed.  If you do not want to hassle with grass, consider planting low maintenance shrubbery or install landscape rock.  Turf is not a bad option, but it can be very expensive.  Whatever you choose, make sure that it is professional and aesthetically appealing.  Hire a landscape crew to come regularly in order to upkeep your landscape.

    Revamp your façade, repair your parking lot, and maintain the landscape surrounding your business so that your business will look its very best. These three improvements will work together to enhance your curb appeal and attract customers.

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