When you’re on a road trip across Idaho, it’s incredibly important that you take your time to avoid an accident. You’re going to be faced with traffic, and you’re probably going to be trying to be somewhere on time. You’ll even be met with an aggressive driver or two. There are many situations that can make for a deadly scenario. If you are doing everything in your power to remain calm being the wheel but come across an aggressive driver, there are some things that you can do to handle the situation properly and safely.

Focus on Safe Driving

You can’t control other people’s attitudes while you’re driving along, but you have the ability to focus on safe driving practices while you’re traveling. Don’t do anything dangerous that could make other drivers mad. Adhere to the speed limit, use your signal when changing lanes, and don’t cut anybody off. There will still be people who are already aggravated before they come up to your vehicle, but you can do everything possible to remain safe.

Avoid Escalation

If you’ve encountered an aggressive driver on your way across Idaho, you need to remember how important it is to remain calm. If you get angry or try to make fun of the person, they’re only going to get angrier. In fact, it’s been said that retaliating will make road rage worse. Let them blow off their steam and be on their way. Usually, an aggressive driver ends up speeding off. Keep out of their way and don’t reciprocate.


You can’t predict when you’re going to encounter an aggressive driver on the road, but there will be times of the day when they’re more prevalent. If you can plan the bulk of your driving in the evening hours or overnight, this will eliminate having to drive in the middle of the morning or afternoon rush hour. Expect some nasty people on Idaho roads when everyone is getting out of work and trying to get home quickly. If you do find yourself on the road during this time, just be a courteous driver and leave the aggressive people plenty of space.

You can be the most perfect driver in the world, but you’ll never be able to completely avoid aggressive drivers. There doesn’t have to be a rhyme or reason for why they’re so upset. You simply need to do all you can to stay out of their way. This will help to make sure you get to your location in one piece.

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