There’s a possibility that your company is sitting on an income stream that you might never have thought about. Countless firms are now trying to monetize Amazon skills that they’ve already taken time to develop. If this sounds like something that might benefit your firm, then you’ll first want to consider the possibility of extending the services you already provide.

Complement Existing Services

Even firms that don’t have this kind of experience at the moment may want to start developing Amazon skills to remain competitive in the market. Regardless of the position your firm might be in, you’ll want to consider developing new services that can ultimately work in tandem with the other ones your firm currently offers.

In many cases, these can help drive sales of your main product lines. Consider the fact that Amazon’s services make it easy to develop hands-free software with Alexa branded voice solutions. As a result, it becomes much easier to create accessible programs that are usable by those who have special needs.

All of Amazon’s APIs are well documented, so you won’t even have to go searching for answers if you run into a situation you may have never come across before. Experienced programmers can write a relatively complex skill in just a few days.

Offer a Subscription Service

Regardless of your current sales model, it’s easy to switch over to a subscription-based one. Many people have gotten used to the concept of software-as-a-service, and they’re more likely to agree to pay a monthly fee to keep working with the tools they love.

With a subscription service, it’s useful to measure customer retention and which factors affect it. You’ll be in a better position to adjust to market demands once you have a solid understanding of these factors. Several customer relationship management solutions exist that can help you collect and process this data quickly.

There’s a chance that you might even receive some major insights about your customer base that you would have never otherwise discovered. Eventually, you might even get to the point where your crew has enough experience to deploy solutions with the popular AWS platform.

Leverage Amazon Web Services

Chances are that you’ve used a site today that was powered by AWS and didn’t even realize it. Amazon’s hosting and storage system is such a popular base package that it acts as a backbone for countless online resources, including those that rely on skills-based voice control.

Technical personnel who are already experienced when it comes to working with Amazon’s enterprise services can easily develop sales platforms and other types of online applications using AWS technology.

That being said, don’t feel like you need to start engaging in a ton of research just so you can monetize any Amazon skills you may have already cultivated. Just pick a single one you’ve developed to start with and see where it takes you.

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