After a long week of responsibilities, nothing is more exciting than taking a well-deserved weekend trip. As much as you adore your little one, you may worry that your fun will be cut short when your toddler is thrown into the mix. However, don’t let the stereotypes fool you. Some people like to make things more than they really are. Taking your toddler on a road trip doesn’t have to be something you dread. In fact, you can have a lot of fun with your toddler on a road trip. Here are tips for taking a weekend traveling trip with a toddler in tow.

    Finding the Right Entertainment

    Unlike you, your toddler probably won’t understand what fun there is to be had with a road trip. Because they’ll eventually get bored of sitting in a car for hours, you need to provide them with the right stimulation. The first thing you can do to keep your toddler entertained is to have someone in the back with them. It can be you, the other parent, an older sibling or a close friend. Regardless of who it is, what matters is that your toddler is smiling and laughing throughout the trip.

    As for the activities themselves, there are a lot of options. Give them a toy to play with, a stuffed animal or an educational children’s book. Giving them an electronic with an educational program is another way to keep them occupied. However, it’s best if you limit their screen time. Staring at a device for long periods of time is unhealthy, especially for toddlers. As Emily Krause suggests, audiobooks can be a great alternative.

    Making Them Comfortable

    The next thing on your list should be making your child comfortable. Anyone can strap their toddler in a car seat and hit the road. But what they don’t realize is how uncomfortable it can be. Before embarking on your weekend adventure, you may want to consider investing in a high-quality car seat. If you’re having trouble deciding, convertible car seats are a popular choice. According to Car Seat Hub, convertible car seats have several benefits, including versatility, saving money, lasts a while, and has higher weight limits. Although their car seat may be comfortable, remember that toddlers need to stretch their legs too. If possible, take your child out of the seat and let them move around for a little bit.


    Obviously, you can’t just randomly go on a road trip. According to Diapers in Paradise, you need to plan for the occasion ahead of time. Finding the right moment to take a road trip with your toddler isn’t easy as it requires precise timing. You have to take your work schedule into account as well as other responsibilities. The other parent has to find the right time in their busy schedule as well. Even if you work remotely, going on a road trip without any sort of plan is not recommended. The best time to take a road trip is during vacation days, which are typically weekends. Acquiring time off is another way you can fit a road trip into your schedule. Just make sure to double-check nothing is going to come up during it.

    Create a Grub Hub

    Traveling with kids means several things: frequent bathroom stops and grumbling tummies. To keep their tummies happy, create a grub hub where they can pick and choose their favorite snacks while enjoying the scenery. Be sure to choose foods that are safe for them to consume and reduce the risk of choking. Never give little ones anything that could potentially be a choking hazard. This includes hot dogs, hard candy, grapes and anything other food that you feel is a hazard. If necessary, let them eat when you stop for bathroom breaks.

    Make Travel Time Fun

    In addition to keeping your little one’s tummy full, you also need to keep them occupied. Make sure you bring along their favorite toys for the trip. Soft books and toys are too large to fit into their mouths are the best choice. Age-appropriate interactive educational games are also a good choice. Look for ones that focus on learning the alphabet, numbers, and reading.

    First-Aid Kit

    Whether you’re going only a few miles away from home or across state lines, Family Vacation Critic suggests that you always pack a first-aid kit. This should include band-aids, antiseptic spray, an Ace wrap and any medication your child takes on a regular basis. If your child is still potty training, make sure you pack additional undies and clothes as well. You should also pack disposable pull-up pants to use when they nap.

    Going on a road trip with your toddler is a wonderful experience. However, it’s an experience you must plan for. Remember to keep this information in mind when you feel like taking your child out for a weekend trip.